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Is Samsung going to follow the route already paved by Google and Apple?

Is Samsung going to follow the route already paved by Google and Apple?

The success of Google Pay and Apple Pay has encouraged Samsung to focus more on its virtual prepaid card. Don’t be surprised if you come across Samsung Pay any time soon. But how different it is going to be from its contenders? Read this to know more.

Apart from manufacturing heavy electronic goods and smartphones, Samsung now diverts its mind towards offering Virtual prepaid cards. This is not the first time any smartphone company has come out with such an innovative idea because we have already witnessed companies’ like Google and Apple to come out with a similar thing. But user experience with Samsung Pay is going to be different.

Over the past few years, Samsung has been working hard to establish themselves as a universal mobile phone- money management podium, and thus they created Samsung Pay, to be launched soon. Since there will be a collaboration between NFC and MST, you can easily make the payment using your phone, leaving the wallet behind. In addition to the virtual Payment system, Samsung is also going to launch its first debit card.

Although Google is also assumed to be working on its first debit card, Apple is already out with a credit card, followed by Huawei. But Samsung is going to steal the limelight because of integrating Magnetic Secure Transmission functionality. So, without even using the physical card your payment will be made possible.

Some users might be more comfortable using the debit card, and to please them Samsung will also be launching the debit card. It’s indeed good news for users who are looking for a more secure transaction.