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9 Areas Focused On Improving SEO For Crypto Websites

9 Areas Focused On Improving SEO For Crypto Websites

There are over 100 million cryptocurrency users globally with verified identities that indulge in the crypto market every day. However, owning a crypto website won’t let you grow your crypto business unless you attract traffic to your website. For that, you need to improve the website’s visibility on search engines. The core components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for cryptocurrency websites are-

  • Technical Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

All three categories are the well-known pillars of SEO that blend to give you your desired results.

Let’s go into the details on how to optimize your cryptocurrency website with effective SEO strategies.

Key Strategies That Demonstrate Cryptocurrency Site Optimization

A well-established and defined crypto SEO procedure will help you to boost your traffic, sales, and ROI as well as guide your targeted users in their crypto investments. These strategies shed some light on how to do so from the start.

Crypto Website Structure

A crypto website structure has its technical information and organizational form separating it from other websites. Helping the web visitors to easily identify and locate them online. The crypto website structure outlines the very optimization of your web pages. Thereby, aligning your site structure with the SEO essentials improves the search results as well as makes it appealing to your target audience.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Let’s start with the basics of Search Engine Optimization for your cryptocurrency website – conducting detailed keyword research. You can use different tools for your keyword research as well. Good keyword research attracts more traffic and increases the search results. Some common keywords that entail SEO growth are crypto, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, buy crypto, Ethereum, etc.

Utilizing the Keywords in Metadata

The strategic use of the researched keywords in the meta descriptions has a significant effect on your SEO rankings. The keywords used in page titles, headings, meta descriptions, snippets, etc work as indicators of intended search results.

These keywords modify the search results and the SEO rankings organically to improve your crypto website’s visibility. Keywords in metadata create variations in the ranking algorithm of Google. So use your research keywords in these areas to see significant growth.

Focused Content Optimization

To enhance the quality of your content in your cryptocurrency websites that aligns with your target audience’s search intent. When you are adept at professional SEO content marketing strategies where the prime focus will be on writing, publishing, and editing content that is –

  • Relevant
  • Unique
  • In-Depth
  • High-quality
  • Contains rich keywords
  • Properly formatted

The content of your crypto sites should inculcate all these points to give a head-to-head competition. Thus, it will help you surpass your competitors and outrank them in the search results.

Effective Backlink Building

An effective link-building strategy increases the authority of your crypto website as it drives organic traffic flow and higher rankings. For this to work, you need to work on the above-mentioned strategies and then generate backlinks from authoritative websites working as indicators for optimized search results.

To gain such a vote of confidence from authoritative websites, you can do the following-

  • Create and publish content on your site periodically.
  • Earn backlinks through microsites, guides, and other cryptocurrency-related sources.
  • Indulge in regular blogging that is relevant to your topic, and is qualitative.
  • Approach influencers to share your content on various platforms.
  • Research your competitor’s backlinks for a better understanding.

These are very efficient and effective SEO strategies that can improve your website’s visibility online, help you get better SEO rankings in the search results, and land smooth crawling.

Dedicated Landing Page Optimization

Each element in your crypto website has an important role to play. Studies have shown that over 70% of the traffic drawn to a website is through a landing page.

Landing pages are one such element that provides immediate insight and exposure to this market when any user is browsing. Having a dedicated landing page is strategically important as well for search engine optimization.

  • The landing page of your crypto site should have all the relevant information to catch the eye of the visitor. It must include specific topics, authoritative content, dedicated blogs, etc that have higher probabilities of driving traffic and user engagement.
  • It should have higher accessibility by ensuring the visitors visit the site without the login and log-out feature. The elimination of this feature helps the crawling of the search engines much smoother.
  • Descriptive text to images is always a step ahead to optimize the user’s view.

Quicker Page Loading

Optimizing your crypto web pages is a very crucial part of SEO. studies have revealed that more than 50% of web visitors leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load its contents. From this statistical data, we can understand how important this element of SEO is. A fast-loading web page exponentially reduces the bounce rates and improves rankings on the Google SERPs.

Optimize the Snippets

The featured snippets of your cryptocurrency website improve the quality of your site as well as in a very effective SEO crypto strategy globally. This is very important as well as popular as it is incorporated into every website.

A snippet of content featuring important crypto-related keywords relevant to your website creates the very first impression on the audience. Thus, by increasing your click-through rates (CTR), improving your rankings, and driving more traffic.

Image Optimization

A descriptive caption of your visual elements like images, videos, photographs, charts, infographics, and carousels, creates a lot of rank variation on the search engines. Search engine crawlers read the text, analyze it before matching it with the keywords in the user’s search queries and then process it accordingly. This narrows down the search intent creating a niche for your site only, thus improving the SEO rankings overall. The exception is that these search engine crawlers never crawl pictures.

Pro Tip: Monitor Your Rankings For Improvement

After reading this SEO guide for your cryptocurrency website, you know what to implement to get the desired outputs. Then how about monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the data to understand how much your site’s performance is improved. For this, you need to monitor the SERPs. This way you will find the rank variations with the help of any tool or SEO service provider in India submitting a detailed report.


These SEO tactics for improving the rankings of your cryptocurrency website may be time-consuming but have broadened the reach of your site. You can target your audience seamlessly if you follow these basic guidelines while starting.