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How Twitter’s updated version makes thing simple?

How Twitter’s updated version makes thing simple?

Twitter is indeed a remarkable social networking platform, where one can share their viewpoints by posting status, even grab the attention of millions of people and turn many them to be your followers. Such overgrowing popularity has made the developer think to introduce something that will keep things simple and easy to follow.

Yeah! You’re right. I am talking about the tweets that you post on Twitter and the reply you in return.

iOS users can now easily track the retweets along with the comments where you have been specially quoted within a single string. For that you just need to hit the retweet section to get all the information starting from the followers who liked your tweet to the ones who opposed your vision. And replying accordingly will be comparatively easier for you.

Likewise, soon you can also count the number of retweets you have received so far very soon. Not to be forgotten such updates will always encourage more engaging and interactive tweets from both sides.