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How to develop a strong social impact via an Android app?

How to develop a strong social impact via an Android app?

From those basic cell phones that facilitated virtual communication to the new-age smartphones brimming with legions of advanced features, the mobile era has indeed come a long way! “Mobile is not the future, it is the now!” is what Tim Berners-Lee rightly stated while depicting the predominance of mobile phones in today’s life. The use of smartphones has been fueled by the increasing popularity of mobile apps. Among Android and iOS, the former has undoubtedly caused quite a stirring ripple all over the world. The global scale of Android and the huge diversity of its users have produced manifold opportunities for the professionals to drive more social impacts. By social impact, we denote the overall capacity of different products, services and companies to influence the communities in which they can operate in. The mobile platforms along with the users, Android and Google Play can connect people and thus create a strong social impact all over the world. Here are some useful strategies that you can follow to amplify your social impact ideas via Android applications –

Drive and measure social impact:-

Be it for beginning a new project or optimizing an already existing social impact application, there is a question which you should ask yourself. The success of your social impact is highly dependent on the response to this question. You should ask yourself how would you like to create a social impact on your targeted audiences. Begin with understanding the social, economic and technological contexts of your targeted visitors. Don’t forget to evaluate the mechanism by which social impact is caused for your intended audiences. Depending on your analysis, you can decide if a native app can generate adequate values to justify your goals. Also, make sure to have a clear understanding of the audiences who you are intended to tap into. These will help you obtain a clear idea about your goals.

Emphasize the excellence of your apps:-

Your app is supposed to compete with the best of commercial products in the market. Quality issues like high battery usage, low app stability, cutting corners on the user experience, etc. will minimize your app’s ability to influence your intended users. As per the professional mobile app development service providers, you should improve your app’s quality and overall performance to contribute to the excellence of your app. Testing your app for better accessibility is one of the major aspects of your mobile app development process. It’s needless to say that you must appoint the knowledgeable experts to seal these deals.

Beat the challenges of app distribution:-

With an effective distribution, you can ensure that your mobile app would end up only in your intended audiences’ hands. The plummeting knowledge or awareness could minimize the likelihood of meeting your social impact goals. You have to launch your app seamlessly in order to eliminate every risk, which is associated with the introduction of a brand-new app or incorporation new features in it. If your mobile app counts on store distribution for tapping into your intended users, you should spend adequate time and money in producing a premium store listing, which can communicate the social impacts spurred by it. Lastly, you must emphasize distributing your app off-store, as it will help you create a strong social impact with greater ease.
Generating social impact through an app could be a tedious but an extremely satisfying experience for you. Make sure to go by these aforementioned steps to achieve your goal with greater convenience.