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How to boost the performance of WordPress Website?

How to boost the performance of WordPress Website?

Everyone who owns a WordPress website development wishes to improve the performance of the website. Fortunately, you can. And guiding you in the right direction is the motto of this blog.

The vast competition in this web world is compelling the website owners to come out with rippling ideas to isolate them from their competitors. Among the various factors which include-website design, logo design and effective digital marketing strategies, the performance of the WordPress websites also matter equally.

According to a survey, the loading time of a mobile-friendly website must be within 1-2 seconds and when a website takes more than 3 seconds to load the abandonment rate elevates by 87%, and, if the loading time increases by 5 seconds, the abandonment rises to 90%.

Therefore, you can understand how crucial the loading speed of a website is for attaining the professional goal online.

But how are you going to test the loading speed of the site?

For that, you need to analyze the present speed of your website, and you must remember that the loading time of each page, will vary on the given below factors-

  • Size of the webpage
  • Number of requests it initiates
  • Whether the data is kept in cache or not
  • The kind of content it is hosting, i.e., static or dynamic.

Given below are the tools that will explicitly help you to check the website speed-

  • GTmetrix
  • WebPagetest
  • Performance
  • Uptrends
  • SpeedCurve
  • Google PageSpeed

Now, the tricks to improve your website speed-

  • Choose ideal web hosting service

Different web hosting plans are available online and choosing the right one is necessary to improve the loading speed of your website. You can choose anything starting from shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting and even dedicated hosting but make sure it delivers the best performance according to your business requirements.

You can choose shared hosting service not only because it is cost-effective but also because of the adequate bandwidth it offers, for you to add more elements on the site.

But the major disadvantage of it is that you need to share the server space with other websites as well, and the number is countless, resulting in poor performance.

Thankfully, with the advancement of technologies, over the time the prices of cloud hosting services have fallen. It has given a sense of relief to the website owners. Cloud hosting is secured, as it allows you to buy a dedicated server. Also, data be easily retrieved when required.

  • Choose a lightweight theme on WordPress

Dynamic elements, stylish icons and other glittery elements that you notice on a website can make it look alluring, but we must also consider the weight of the webpage. The more the size of the page is the more time it will take to load the site, impacting the business directly.

Always prefer using simple yet attractive designs to higher the loading time.

  • Lowering Image size  and compress the files that you upload

The images that you choose must be of higher quality, but at the same time, its file size needs to be reduced, for better website performance. Fortunately, multiple plugins that are available in the market like – WP Smush, Optimole,, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, enables you to do so.

Additionally, you also need to compress the various other files that you upload on a website to improve its performance. You can always use GZIP compression to lower bandwidth usage.

Each time a visitor visits the website, the browser from which they are visiting will be unzipping the website. This process will instantly reduce usage.

  • Minify CSS, HTML and JS File

By reducing the size of CSS and JavaScript file that you use to run the website, you can easily improve the loading speed of the site.To do that go through the guidelines provided by Google or use popular plugins like the following –

  • WP Super Minify
  • Fast Velocity Minify
  • Autoptimize
  • Merge caching mechanism with WordPress plugins

Adding cache to the various website elements is a complex task, but by doing so, it is easy to reduce the site size and optimize the loading time. Although this task is quite complex, again using plugins can make this task easy.

  • Clean the database

Don’t jam the database with unwanted data. Try deleting them to improve your database site and loading speed as well.

  • Uninstall unwanted plugins

The unwanted plugin only adds junks to the website. Why not you delete them and reduce server load for the efficient performance of your website?

  • Deselect pingbacks and trackbacks

Do you need an alert whenever you receive a link to your blog post or webpage? It is important we can understand, but you can also check it using Google Webmaster Tool or any other such tools.

Do not allow pingbacks and trackbacks if your focus is on improving the site loading speed.

To do that Go to WP-Admin>Settings>Discussion> Deselect “allow link notifications from other blogs”.

To warp up

By improving the loading time of your WordPress website, you can always give a user-friendly experience to the site visitors. Not only that, but you can also optimize the site ranking on Search engine Results Pages aka SERPs and generate that trust within them to secure your presence online.

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