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How Facebook can boost eCommerce sales?

How Facebook can boost eCommerce sales?

Do you own an eCommerce platform? Do you want to boost eCommerce sales? Are you keen on learning the ways of leveraging Facebook marketing for boosting eCommerce sales?

We are here to help you out!

Running an eCommerce website in 2021 is a daring task. The competition is so high that you have to come up with something that’s one of a kind to stay on top of the mind of potential clients. With the advancements in technology and social media, the behaviour of consumers has changed at a fast pace over the years. Due to the increase in customer expectations, eCommerce businesses need to prepare themselves.

Before diving headlong into the topic, let’s look at the impact of social media on consumer behaviour.

Impact of social media on consumer behaviour

According to Statista, 74% of consumers will go to social media platforms for making purchase decisions. The data provided by Hubspot indicates the same where 71% of customers will purchase according to social media referrals.

But, you may ask why Facebook? Why not any other social media platform?

The answer lies in statistical records: Facebook is responsible for impacting 52% of all purchase decisions made by consumers. By analyzing these numbers, we can infer that Facebook impacts buyer decisions like no other social media platform. Many eCommerce marketers and social media experts are already starting to use Facebook for promoting their products, and it’s time for you to do the same.
Now, that we have realized the impact of social media on consumer behaviour, let’s discuss the way Facebook can help in boosting eCommerce sales.

In 2021, Facebook has the lion share of the number of active monthly users over 2.6 billion.

This makes Facebook the best place to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Given below are the best ways you can leverage Facebook marketing to boost eCommerce sales.

Starting Facebook eCommerce

To start selling on Facebook, you have to set up an advertising account for your eCommerce business with Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager helps in managing ad accounts, pages, and users working on it.

Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook accounted for almost $68 billion in net ad revenues in 2019. Facebook ads help eCommerce businesses in garnering more attention and hence increase sales.

Setting up a proper sales funnel will help you in separating yourself from the competition, but it can be a daunting task. That is why we have come up with our range of digital marketing services aimed at providing the most comprehensive eCommerce website development for your website.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the ways you can leverage Facebook marketing to your advantage and boost eCommerce sales.
Facebook breaks down the ad objectives into three broad categories – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Now you may ask what are ad objectives?
Ad objectives are the actions you want your targeted users to do when they see your ads.

Awareness Campaign:

The main aim of this type of campaign is to enhance awareness of your brand. The two objectives under the awareness category provided by Facebook are:

Brand Awareness:

This type of campaign will help you in creating awareness about your brand or enhancing the awareness of your brand among people.
Reach: The main aim of this type of campaign is to showcase your advertisement to the maximum number of people in your target audience list.

Consideration Campaign:

These campaigns are aimed at helping eCommerce businesses in boosting their conversion rates and increasing their sales. The five objectives under consideration campaign are:


In this objective, you drive people to any URL you want. The URLs can be of your website or any of your product pages. Add pixels to your products and retarget consumers with other offers if they don’t buy from you the first time. This is the magic of Facebook marketing.


Engage people who interact with your advertisement through likes, comments, and shares with the help of engagement campaigns. You can optimize the campaign for engagement purposes all the while increasing your reach by displaying the products on the news feeds of other Facebook users who follow the person that interacted with your ad initially.

App Installs:

The main aim of this objective is to help people by sending them to stores for downloading your eCommerce app. In this way, you will be able to increase the number of downloads for your mobile application.

Video Views:

This category helps in sharing your business videos with your intended target audience. The videos can be about anything related to your products and services. The main aim is to get the maximum number of people to watch your videos.

Lead Generation:

These campaigns are perfect for generating leads on Facebook without needing to drive traffic to your website. You will be able to acquire information like name, phone number, email id, etc., you can then use this data for different marketing purposes. You can even retarget your potential clients with the help of the lead generation strategy.


This objective helps in driving conversations between eCommerce businesses and their target audience. The target audience clicks on the ad and a chat box is opened on Messenger, thereby, helping in conversing with your customers.

Conversion Campaign:

As the name suggests, conversion campaigns are aimed at boosting conversion rates and enhancing sales. The three objectives that fall under conversion campaign are:


The aim is to make people take specific actions on your website or app. You can select where to place the conversion button – on your website, or app, or anywhere else. Facebook will help you in acquiring sufficient data for optimizing the delivery of your ads.

Catalogue Sales:

The objective is to promote your products from the catalogue of products that you have. To do this, you are required to integrate your product catalogue with Facebook.

Store Traffic:

The purpose is to help you in guiding people to your brick-and-mortar store if you have one.

Keeping track of your website visitors

eCommerce campaigns on Facebook play an important part in finding new leads and buyers. But, these campaigns can be the reason for your downfall if not tracked properly. This is where Facebook Pixel from the ads manager section comes in handy. You can easily do this by placing the base code of the Pixel on every page for tracking conversions. The benefits of Facebook Pixel are many but one benefit that should help you the most is tracking the actions of the potential clients. This provides added insights into the behaviour of the customer and enhances the efficiency of your ad campaigns.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of Facebook marketing for eCommerce websites.

Benefits of Facebook marketing

Helps in strengthening your online presence by reaching out to almost 2.6 billion active users monthly. It also helps in enhancing customer retention by keeping your existing customers engaged with your business. Since Facebook is the place for your customers to chill, so that is the best place to engage with them.

You can also boost sales and revenue by driving quality traffic to your website, enhances brand awareness and engagement. This will help in bringing in more revenue due to an increase in sales.


Now, that you have a clear idea of the crucial role that Facebook marketing plays in helping eCommerce businesses, your job is to start marketing on Facebook. You have two options – the first option is to do this all on your own, and the second option is to hire a company that provides digital marketing services bundled with eCommerce website development.

Who should you choose?

The answer is simple. Reach out to us. We have the best team of experts who are adept at Facebook marketing and eCommerce website development services at the lowest rates on the Interwebs.

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