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How Digital Marketing Brings Success To Political Leaders?

How Digital Marketing Brings Success To Political Leaders?

Want to know the power of Digital Marketing for the Political Campaign, and how it brings success to political leaders? Continue reading this blog for comprehensive knowledge.

Remember the time Donald J Trump won the 2016 presidential election and said that social media helped him win? Well, he was not kidding! Digital marketing for political campaigns helped him win the presidential elections. 

Trump Junior was already an eye-candy of the media due to his controversial lifestyle and his show “The Apprentice”. He used his social media fan following to rise to power during the 2016 presidential elections. But then he fell from grace due to his rampant racist tweets against minorities. This shows that Digital marketing for the political campaign can either make it or break it! No one thought that Donald J Trump’s social media presence could help him in winning the presidency. This shows that political campaigns can be driven by digital marketing.

If your intension is to gain more followers and boost your vote bank, then you must continue reading the pros and cons of digital marketing for political campaigns. 

Today, a simple post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter can help in influencing voters. But the question arises: to what extent can political campaigns be influenced by digital marketing?

Digital marketing practices to aid political campaigns


According to Marian Garcia, a professor at Kent Business School, “Digital marketing helps the political parties to win over evasive and fragmented target audiences”.

This tool also helps in providing relevant messaging based on content-consumption and sharing habits. Our digital marketing experts are adept in the process of creating appealing and highly personalized policy announcements across various digital marketing platforms. With our assistance, political leaders and candidates can indulge themselves in important conversations with a powerful demographic group such as the millennials to convert them into loyal voters.

When put simply, social media helps political candidates in building their brand and engaging in direct conversation with the voters. These conversations will later on help in delivering targeted, and relevant messages. As we say: “information is power”, gradually these messages will be converted into opinions and views of the targeted vote bank.

Engaging the youth:


Youth is probably the most active and opinionated target group available on social media and other digital marketing platforms. They are supposedly ‘apolitical’, and represent the largest demographic of voters. So targeting young audiences through political campaigns on social media, and other digital marketing platforms is always possible. Our digital marketing team can always help you to connect with the youth, and shape them according to your political agenda.

Analyzing data:

In this era of big data, it is essential to analyze the data in-hand. It is equally crucial to gather additional information about the target group. Our digital marketers can collect and analyze a huge amount of data to help you in predicting the behaviour of the target audience. This will, furthermore, help in procuring insights about the targeted demographic.

Political candidates and leaders can then use this available information to appeal to the voters and win the heart and soul of the constituency.

The potential of polls:

Digital marketing platforms offer the capacity to conduct polls. First things first, unlike polls conducted by market research organizations, online polls are unbiased and help in showcasing the true picture. Suppose, a poll is conducted asking the voters about their reaction to the recent hike in prices, the candidates will be able to gauge the shortcomings in their proposed policies, and modify them according to public demand. Since social media polls are impartial and cannot be tampered with, they help in providing accurate perception.

Authenticating your brand:

This age of yellow journalism is plagued by fake news and misleading information. Using digital marketing for a political campaign is a risky job. So you need to work with the best digital marketers. False information and fake news have the potential to tarnish the image of a political campaign. The internet is filled to the brim with fake accounts whose only job is to defame political leaders and hijack their campaigns. Therefore, political leaders need to reach their target audience before others. 

Just like any form of business, politics also requires brand awareness. They need to maintain their brand image. A simple page on Facebook or an Instagram account or a Twitter handle that is verified and loaded with in-depth blogs can help in creating the ‘brand’ of a political party.

Digital advertising:

Earlier, people used social media for interacting with their friends and loved ones who were far away from them. Nowadays, social media is used to create brand awareness, connecting with celebs and politicians alike. Political leaders have used social media campaigns to sway the votes in their favour. The “Yes We Can” campaign by Barack Obama was successful in helping the first mixed-race person to become the president of the United States of America. Donald J Trump’s “Make America Great Again” trended on Twitter with #maga, and helped him win the 2016 presidential elections.

Digital advertising is a cheap way of connecting with the most niche of audiences. Although the process is cheap, it is a crucial way of advertising that can be used to relay the correct messages to the target audience. These advertisements have the potentiality to engage the audiences in a meaningful way. Although the word ‘sponsored’ is used in these ads, people seem to be less bothered with it.


Political leaders using digital marketing for political campaign platforms to promote their beliefs and agendas is not new, but the question arises: Have you started investing in digital marketing for political campaigns?

If the answer is no, then hire the best digital marketing company, Esolz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. We can help you in promoting your political campaign, and reach the target audiences. With over 17 years of experience in enriching businesses through our digital solutions, we are your best bet going forward.