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Google’s most successful product have lots to give

Google’s most successful product have lots to give

Gmail’s new features include Smart Compose and also enables emails to be sent later on.

If you start discussing Google and its new products then you will always find it is interesting. Yeah, I know Inbox and Google + couldn’t survive in the market. But, other than that all of its products are a major hit and Gmail is not an exception to this fact.

Fifteen years back Gmail was introduced. Indeed, today it is the most successful and popular mailbox, loved by the majority of its users. Thanks to its huge storage capacity and easy- to- use interface.

On its fifteenth Birthday, it introduced many interesting features which include Improved Smart Compose and scheduling emails to be sent in the near future.

What is this improved Smart Compose?

Well, Smart Composes attempts to type your emails automatically. Its improved feature will now help you to write greetings as well in your emails. Whatever you prefer writing it learns everything automatically. And the best part is that you don’t need to worry much about the subject line that suits the best. It can also suggest a subject line based on your contents.

I know, it a major relief for a person like me, who always gets confused about writing the subject line. Currently, this improved feature is available for all Android users. Sorry to the iPhone users. You need to wait a little longer as currently, it is not available on iOS devices. But don’t worry it will be coming soon.

Moreover, fours new languages will be covered by Smart Compose. This includes- French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

And now, talking about the best part of using Gmail. Apart from Smart Compose Gmail added another interesting feature which is surely an essential one and sure to make you happy.

Many a time we write emails and save it as a draft for future use. But now you can schedule your emails and send it to the recipient as per your convenient time. Till date, you needed third-party services for performing this activity, and now it’s all integrated with your Gmail.

Performing this activity is very simple. There is a drop-down menu with the send button. Once you click it, you can enter your convenient time when you want the email to be sent. Not only that, but Google is also looking at this feature as a wellness tool in this digital era. Since sometimes work carries on beyond office hours, it is very important to consider the time before sending emails. This new feature will surely respect everyone’s work hours.