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Marketing of Apps On Play Store Is Now Easier For The App Developers

Marketing of Apps On Play Store Is Now Easier For The App Developers

Are you an apps developer and want to market your subscription to your potential clients? Here’s what Google has stored for you.

Many apps developer find it hard to market their subscription and take help of pop-ups to get it noticed. But things will change soon as Google is always there with a solution for the majority of the problems we face online.

This time the company’s technical developers are busy testing a new feature that will enable customers to purchase the subscription directly from Google Play Store instead of clicking on the pop-up for further information regarding the subscription.

The billing of such subscription will be done through Android Billing Library 3 that has been launched very recently by Google. This library can even help users in redeeming free trials before installing the app. Not only that, but it also ensures a user can easily re-subscribe the subscription when made the payment using Google Play Store.

The best part of this update is that it will allow app developers to vend subscriptions directly through Play Store. Here, consumers can either install the app or purchase the subscription and enjoy a free trial.

Not to be forgotten, there are also tricky subscriptions sold by many apps developers ignoring play store policies. That is why Google has also introduced a new set of policies for Play Store. According to which any hidden terms and conditions, prices or unclear billing will be banned by Google. Also, the new update will clutch a new subscription button to make the app’s pricing clear to its audiences before its installation.

Thus, Google has successfully built a bridge between buyers and sellers to boost up the selling process and in future, it is looking to extend this feature for virtual goods as well.

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