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Google Chrome’s edacity for Ram usage will take a downturn.

Windows 10 user will find Google Chrome to give better performance. Know why?

Google has been continuously working on Chrome for lowering its RAM usage, and now it has good news for Windows 10 users.

As per the recent update, Chrome’s newest version will be typically using a Technique involving Microsoft Edge to optimize its performance, and minimizing the usage of RAM. Basically, the browser will be using “Segment Heap” memory management which, according to Microsoft, will be lowering the usage by 27%.

So who is going to witness this improvement?

Such improvements will be visible depending on the system configuration. However, if own a multi-core processor, you going to gain maximum benefit.

Once Google starts using the Windows 10 developer kit you are most likely to experience this feature. However, you are not going to find a much difference in your system performance unless your system has limited memory or you wish to open too many browsing tabs at the same time.