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Google authenticator now enables easy migration of accounts among devices

Google authenticator now enables easy migration of accounts among devices

The earlier Google authenticator app which added a code-based verification in addition to password-based, sign-in process is all set for a significant visual transformation. The earlier version when debuted in the year 2017, was not only less attractive but its aspect ratio was also not fitting the screen size of the devices of the modern era, rather was displaying a black bar at the footer part of the phone. Moreover, transferring the app credentials to another phone was also quite difficult or rather was complicated.

But the latest 5.10 version is out with some of the most exciting features. It will not only fit perfectly to the screen of the newer devices but also include Material Design 2.0 alongside the perfect dark theme for OLED lovers. Apart from all these, you can also expect to get import and export tool in the action bar to make the migration of accounts to another device easier.

But how things will work?

From now on users just need to select the account to be exported and after that verify the PIN code or complete the biometric verification process, furthermore generating a QR code which on being scanned by the authenticator app of the newer device will trigger the import action. Although there are several other apps available which also allows you to set the 2-way verification process, Google Authenticator app is indeed the most popular one. So, just get the updated version of the app from APK Mirror or search for it in Play Store as it may take some time to reflect the updated version on its own.