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Get your BP checked using your Apple Watch

Get your BP checked using your Apple Watch

You no longer need a pressure measuring tool to measure your Blood Pressure. Your Apple Watch can do it for you.

Do you suffer from hypertension very often and your BP rises very frequently because of that? I know it is quite difficult to keep a track of your pressure regularly but Apple has good news for you. Track your blood pressure while you are at home.

Extreme work pressure and an unhealthy diet can make your blood pressure go up but an early diagnosis can always help you to keep a check on it and maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards. But for that, you don’t need any doctor to come and visit your place every day. Your Apple Watch will do the task for you along with other necessary tools like the wireless monitor and an arm cuff.

What you need to do? All you need to do is download the health app on your WatchOS sync it with devices that stores the information of your blood pressure. The wireless monitor and arm cuff have its own kind of software which connects with the health app to give you the result.

Moreover, regular exercise makes you fit and healthy always. Your Apple watch can always monitor your workouts and let you know if you are closer to your goal. In total the watch has up to 12 different workouts. You can start with any of them and the watch will discover it automatically. You can keep a track of your heartbeat rate as well and get notified if your heartbeat is either too high or too low. Again for this, you need to set up the threshold of your heart rate.

Also if you are owning WatchOS 5.1.2 then just by downloading ECG app within the health app, you can get the alert message in case you are suffering from atrial fibrillation or any other abnormalities related to your heartbeat rhythm.

So check your style and health with the Apple Watch.