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Get your Android phone notification on desktop as well

Get your Android phone notification on desktop as well

Not to worry if your phone is put on charge and you are working on your PC. You can get your Android phone’s notifications even on your computer screen.

You might not be sitting with your smartphone always and probably doing some work on your PC. But that doesn’t mean you will miss any new notification entering your smartphone. You can always get them on the PC as well. You only need Your Phone app for that.

Microsoft has introduced Your Phone app for windows 10 users, collaborating your PC and Android phone. So you can easily get all the updates on PC even if you are away from your phone. Also if you feel like dismissing any message it will automatically get reflected on the other device as well. So you don’t need to repeat your activity.

But all you need is Windows 10 operating system and a personal computer of course to avail the benefits of this app. Along with this supercool feature, you can also enjoy several other benefits too. Like you can access your phone’s photos through it and not only read the text messages but also type any new next and send it to the concerned person.

So even if your phone’s battery is draining too early there is always a better alternative to it. So get the app downloaded to your PC to enjoy all the benefits.