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Can Franchises Rank On Google With Multiple Websites?

Can Franchises Rank On Google With Multiple Websites?

The seamless operation of your business requires boosting the digital presence of all your branch offices. That is the reason why nowadays businesses are changing their operational strategies and entering the digital world with feature-rich websites. They look for strategies to help them get a better ranking on search engines.

Do you think that having multiple sites for your business is going to help you rank better on Google? It is true, but then you need to choose a multi-site structure.

You can easily improve your website’s ranking with a single website but for that, you must practice franchise SEO. What exactly do we mean by franchise SEO? Continue reading and learn how to franchise SEO can be helpful for your business.

Franchise SEO: What you must know

Franchise SEO is a term mainly used to refer to various techniques used to enhance the visibility of franchise businesses. It may include local SEO for boosting the ranking of each branch of your business. Moreover, content creation is also a part of it.

The success of your Franchise SEO depends on managing content across various platforms. Therefore, you must keep the content up-to-date and relevant on social media platforms, on the website, and GMB(Google My Business).


Just like local SEO, franchises must also utilize the benefit of franchise SEO to improve ranking. The following are the reasons why leading SEO service providers in India suggest franchise SEO for businesses.

  • Creating Google business profile listings and blog postings is crucial for brand awareness and improving your sales. With appropriate franchise SEO techniques and suitable keywords, you can achieve this goal.
  • It is a cost-effective method to drive more leads to your website.
  • Improves the visibility of the franchises, and as a result, it enhances the ranking on search engines.

How to utilize effective franchise SEO methods?

Following are the ways to improve website ranking on Google for the franchises.

  • Consistent branding is important: There has to be consistent branding across all the websites if you want your SEO score to improve. This is possible by providing an excellent user experience on all websites. After all, visitors to each of your websites must not face any issues while navigating.
  • Using the correct NAP: For franchise SEO also you must provide the right Name, Address, and phone number (NAP). Most importantly, be careful about the format that you use. Above all, using proper NAP for each location is crucial. On each site, the format of the NAP has to be the same.
  • Usage of location-based keywords: For all franchise websites location-specific keywords are a must. This helps target the right leads organically.

Franchise SEO on a single website

Creating multiple websites can exceed your estimated budget. That’s why you must create a single website with area-specific landing pages. Apart from that, it is possible to build a page under the subdirectory of each location.


  • This will give a large amount of authority to the franchise website. As a result, it will get ranked by Google smoothly. Moreover, you won’t face any difficulties while using duplicate content.
  • You will only have to maintain one website.
  • Branding won’t be a difficult task for you.


  • A single issue may impact the ranking of all the branches together.

SEO for multiple websites:

You can also implement franchise SEO on multiple websites. You simply need to do SEO for multiple locations by choosing a new domain for each location along with the main website.


  • Diversification can save businesses from risks. After all, there will be no interlinking of the websites and you will use unique content.
  • Each branch owner will get separate websites for their business.


  • This may create confusion among visitors when there will be multiple websites.


Franchises can rank higher on Google when SEO techniques are used appropriately. Moreover, you must consider both the conditions we have provided here. Choose what sounds convenient for you and you will get the results.