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Forgot to delete data manually? Google will do it automatically.

Forgot to delete data manually? Google will do it automatically.

Google will soon roll out its “auto delete” feature

Data privacy has become a major concern these days. With the data that are available online companies are either using it for their advertisement purposes or to keep a track on you for promoting their products. Not only that, but hackers also used those data to perform several heinous acts. Now for protecting user’s privacy, Google is rolling out its new feature that will automatically delete user’s data after a certain time.

According to the product managers of Google David Monsees and Marlo McGriff, currently managing Google Search and maps respectively, Google is taking users feedback for making data privacy and security settings simpler. Already if you don’t want Google to track your location you can simply of the control that detects your location and also it is possible to delete everything manually. But Google’s new feature will now give you an option to select the time limit so that your data is deleted automatically after that time period.

Initially, data related to location history and web and app activity will be auto-deleted and the user will get the option to click the time limit when the data will be auto-deleted. It can be anywhere between three to eighteen months. Of course, you can delete the data manually whenever you want them to be deleted. Honestly speaking if you take my opinion I will always prefer to delete data manually rather than waiting for the next three months to delete data.

It is true that not everyone is willing to delete data. Even storing data also helps users in several ways- like if they are searching for any good restaurants or shopping malls then Google can suggest you the best things. But some of the mobile apps have the habit of tracking you even if you are not using it. So, in that case, disabling your location history is always a better option if you don’t want to be tracked by them. And, those who forget to disable or delete data manually, this new feature is a good option for you.