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Magento or Shopify, which one should you choose and why?

Magento or Shopify, which one should you choose and why?

Do you eager to create your e-commerce website development for an online business Establishment? Are you confused between Magento and Shopify? Erase all the confusion you have, after reading this article, by the leading website design company in India.

As more and more customers are inclining towards making an online purchase, the future of the eCommerce business is booming. Gradually more entrepreneurs are emphasizing virtual platforms than retail store business to maximize their reach. 

Among the various Content Management Systems that are available or helping budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their eCommerce business, Magento and Shopify are the most popular ones. 

But choosing the right platform is essential, and unless the foundation is rock solid, your dream project might not give you fruitful results. 

Which one should you prefer for streamlining your online business?

Magento has been reigning as the best Content Management Platform for a long time, and it is very recently, Shopify has taken the spotlight. But the latest up-gradation of Magento to Magento2 gives it an extra mark, making it ideal for any kind of business, irrespective of its size.

Let’s compare both the platforms based on the following factors-


Magento was established a long time back and has been rocking since then. Whereas, Shopify has been launched a few years ago and earned a reputation for its easy installation, flexibility and low maintenance in less time.

Business size

Whether you own a small scale business or a large one, the size of the platform fits all.  

Shopify has been designed exclusively for large scale entrepreneurs. Choosing Shopify for your start-up will not be a good idea.


Your budget matters to you. To access Shopify, initially, you get a 90 days free trial period and then you need to pay a subscription fee every month. 

Magento is free for all, but its enterprise edition offers some exclusive features which you can purchase as per the business needs.

Hosting facility

You don’t need to pay separately for hosting a website. The subscription you pay for it is a complete package. But for Magento, you need to purchase a hosting service from a third party. But yes, it allows you to choose the hosting solution wisely as per your business demand.


Good visuals always help the customers to create an impression about a business. Keeping that in mind, a brand needs to choose a design that can have a lasting positive impression on their visitor’s mind. 

Shopify themes are awesome and are easily customizable as per the business needs. Magento also offers attractive themes but to customize some themes according to the need to hire an experienced developer.


Some of the excellent tools that Shopify includes help businesses to perform better. You don’t need to install additional plugins to integrate various social media platforms like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, like you need to do for Magento. 

Shopify also has easy access to several marketing tools like email marketing, abandoned cart recovery tools, and ad campaigns on social media platforms to boost business growth.

To install similar kinds of tools in Magento you must hire a web developer and grow your business.


No coding knowledge is required both for Magento and Shopify. But there is a general notion that handling Shopify is easier than Magento. 

But the reality is that Majento is also easy to use once the extensions are, and its admin panel is also user-friendly even for beginners.

Payment Processors

The option of payment processors with Magento is better than Shopify. Where Magento has more than 150 payment gateways, Shopify has over 100 payment gateways. 

A disadvantage with Shopify is that it imposes transaction fees for choosing payment gateway options other than its own. 


Boosting site visibility is the aim of every entrepreneur to drive more site traffic. And for this Magento, is indeed a better option. It has built-in tools that help in improving site ranking whereas, Shopify is mostly dependent on its apps for boosting site visibility.

Customer Support

Both Shopify and Magento offers excellent customer support.

Plenty of user guides are already there for Magento, offered by the working professionals. So each time you get stuck anywhere, you will be flooded with information. 

Customer care support for Shopify is excellent. Connect with them anytime from anywhere, and they will be happy to answer your queries.

To Wind Up

Now that you are aware of the various factors, why not choose the Content management platform carefully to give a boost to your e-commerce business? 

Overall, Shopify is the best option if you go for simplicity with low maintenance. But want to keep room for further expansion, in the long run, Magento2 is the better option. The decision is yours!

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