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Focusing on prevention can prevent cyber threats. Learn more about Cyber security.

With the widespread use of the internet over the years, be it from storing confidential data or transmitting data or receiving any information from around the globe our dependency on the internet has increased.

But what if someone is trying to hack your computer?
Many hackers are sitting on other side of the device or even physically present by your side to steal all the confidential information which might be related to your office work or your personal life. To avoid such circumstances we strongly need the use of cybersecurity.

Use the cybersecurity technique to protect your computer or device from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Cybe threats can come in any form like -application attacks, malware, phishing, exploit kits, ransomware, eavesdropping attack, SQL injection attack, password attack, session hacking attack. Cyber attackers have introduced many automated sophisticated product at a very low price which they used for hacking data.

Is it a very challenging work? Of course, yes.
It is a very challenging job to prevent the attackers from hacking important data especially for the government sector and several other enterprises. Information related to various government decisions, military planning, medical services, trade and commerce often gets leaked. So, the government bodies and other enterprises are constantly keeping pace with all the cybersecurity approaches.

Interested in knowing the major areas protected by Cybersecurity?

There are four major areas protected by the cybersecurity. They are-

Application Security- In case of application security measures are taken at the initial stage only. While the product is developed, designed, installed or promoted certain flaws might occur. In order to protect the application from those flaws application security measure are taken. The basic technique involved with application security are- input of parameter validation, user authorization or authentication, session time controlling, logging out.

Information security- This kind of security protects the device from unauthorized access by securing the important information through the techniques of identification, authentication, authorization, and cryptography.

Disaster security- This is a planning process where several recovery strategies are planned in case any cyber threats arise. Any organization or company must have an alternate plan to resume their operation after the disaster occurs.

Network security- This includes those activities that makes the network reliable, secured, and trustworthy. Use of effective network security stops the attackers from entering the system or spread the virus. Some important network security techniques are- by installing antivirus in your system, use of firewall to block unauthorized access, IPS system i.e. intrusion prevention system to identify fast spreading threats, working by connecting the VPN i.e. Virtual Private Networks that provides secure remote access.

You can use variety of steps to protect your device from unauthorized sources. All you need is a complete plan about how are you going to mitigate these attacks.