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Flight Booking App: Cost and Cost-assessing Factors

Flight Booking App: Cost and Cost-assessing Factors

The airline sector is one of the most booming industries in the world. With an annual growth rate of 4.64%, from 2023 to 2027 the market value of this industry is expected to grow to $0.7tn by 2027. And the expected number of users is 1.17 billion by 2027. Furthermore, the user penetration rate is anticipated to increase from 13.7% in 2023 to 14.7% by 2027. These statistics are enough to make anyone understand the airline industry’s demand and the increasing demand for the development of flight booking app.

You must wonder why people are driven to use airline services so often. The thing is, the flight industry is making significant adjustments in its pricing and other services. These changes are possible because of various booking applications. The flight booking application market is estimated to reach $10,303.88 million, and airline giants and other industries develop applications where booking services are integrated, which enables them to attract more customers and cut their logistic expenses. Also, these enable them to provide various discounts and offers to their customers. 

So if you are considering diving into this massive revenue-generated industry, you must save time. With the help of a mobile app development agency, you can easily get a flight booking app immediately. But if you are wondering about the expense of this development process, you need to go through this blog. Here, you will find an approximate budget based on various factors related to the flight booking app development process. 

How Much Does a Flight Booking App Development Cost?

The cost of a flight booking app is influenced by various factors. It includes the developers’ expertise and experience, alongside the development process’s overall complexity. The higher the complexity of the application, the higher the cost will be. Generally, a flight booking app development costs $40k and can go up to $200k. With basic features and appearance, you can get an app for $40k. The price will rise as you keep including features and integrating complicated systems. 

You can also sum up the expense of the flight booking application by multiplying the required hours to build the app with the hourly pay of the developer. 

It is advisable to learn the quote before you start the development process. You can hire experts who will tell you a clear picture of the development cost according to your requirement and contemporary development charges. 

An application is highly customizable, from the user interface to every minor detail and feature, so this service has no fixed price. 

You may be confused about the app development pricing process. Don’t worry; we get your cover; keep reading this blog to get a clear picture. 

Influential Factors of Flight Booking App Development Cost

Many factors influence the cost of an app development process. Depending on that, you need to predetermine your business model and preselect the necessary features. This will help you estimate the expense of the app development. 

Let’s keep reading to learn the influential factors.

  • Platform

One of the major factors influencing the development cost of a flight booking application is platform selection. The budget for iOS, Android, or any cross-platform apps is different. If you are thinking of a cross-platform approach for your application, then initiate the development process focusing on a single-platform app. Then after the app reaches a significant number of customers, you can switch to a cross-platform app. This way, you can minimize the development cost and maximize the benefits. 

  • Size of the Developers Team

After choosing the platform, you need to finalize a developers team. You need to understand that the size of the developer team will greatly impact the expense and the quality of the application. It would be best to choose a team for your flight booking application with professional expertise and work efficiency. In this situation, an app-developing agency can be a great help. You need to select the agency carefully, and you will have a proficient team. 

Generally, you need a couple of project managers and analysts to develop a flight booking application. Also, you will need two to three developers for frontend and backend each. Furthermore, you also need a couple of designers and quality assurance analysts. 

  • Region Of the Development

Another influential factor in app development expenses is the region of the development. The hourly charge for developing flight booking applications varies from place to place. So which region you decide to develop your application will impact your budget. Suppose you are opting to develop your flight booking app from Asia, which will be smart because the development change is way less than in other regions like UAE, UK, or US. 

The hourly rate of app development in Asia is approximately $25 to $40, whereas, in the US and Europe, the rate increases to $95-$100. So you can save a significant amount on your flight booking application development by choosing the right region. 

  • UI/UX Design

UI /UX design plays an important role in a flight booking application. Choosing the right strategy for UI/UX can influence the success of your application. Also, you need to hire UI/UX design service to attain your design goal. 

As you know, a seamless, engaging application can improve your customer conversion and retention rate. The interaction between your flight booking application and the users will lead by user experience (UX) and User interference (UI). Your application must undergo numerous tests to present a perfect UX/UI. That’s why you can be assured of the application’s performance and response against any command. If you choose a complex and lengthy process or the UI/UX design that will reflect on your overall development of a flight booking application. A few crucial factors like visual elements, typography, colour psychology, and others must be considered while designing the app UI/UX. Nevertheless, the button placements on the application are also important to attract customers. 

  • Required Tech Stack

Every tool and technology you choose for the application will help it stand out from the competition. However, integrating these tools and technologies will significantly influence your development budget. Compiling technical support will be required to complete a flight booking application development. 

To develop a flight booking app, you will require frontend technologies, backend technologies, a database, real-time analytics, a server, payment integration, and push notifications. For the various roles, you will need appropriate tools, and also you need to choose according to their compatibility. 

Like, you can use HTML5, CSS3, Android & iOS, ReactJS, and AngularJS for frontend technologies. Also, MySQL, Postgre, Cassandra, MongoDB, NodeJS, and PHP for database and Backend technologies. Suppose you want to use NodeJS for the backend, so you must choose a developer offering NodeJS development service for the task. You need to understand that only some agencies use or know every tool, so you must preselect the preferred tools and confirm the agency it’s efficient with. Or you can discuss it with the app development agency. 

  • Required Features 

Enlisting features is one of the most important factors in determining your budget in flight booking application development. Depending on the contemporary requirement and your business model, you need to assess the features list. You must understand that every feature you integrate into your flight booking application will significantly affect your app’s success. Furthermore, adding every feature will increase the amount in your budget. So you need to choose every feature carefully.

Suppose for the customer panel, you can add a user-friendly interface, easy sign-up, profile verification, and, most important, a flight search feature. Also, your app may have a secure payment gateway, notification alert, loyalty program, rating, and reviews features. These features will help your customer to fulfil their purpose in the application. 

For admin use, you can choose flight management, booking management, payment management, customer support, and more features to help you with the business. 

Furthermore, you can add some advanced features if you like, including multilingual support, in-app chat, AI integration, VR, social media integration, accounting APIs, etc. You can choose these features according to your budget for the flight 

  • Maintenance 

The development process of a flight booking application is not complete even after the app is delivered to the owners. The next phase of development starts, which includes maintenance. Maintaining your application is a very crucial part, and you must not take it lightly. After using the app, you might need to change certain things for better control or security purposes. Also, you should make some alterations depending on the contemporary market. Sometimes the application’s performance decreases for many reasons, and only routine maintenance can prevent that.

Furthermore, it will provide the application seamless user experience and optimal performance. The reason can be anything for the maintenance, but you will certainly have to do it. So when assessing the flight booking app development expense, you must also consider the maintenance expense as it is a continuation of the development process. 

Summing Up

It’s only after assessing the necessary factors the development cost of the flight booking app can be successfully estimated. However, the approx price range for developing the application is $40k-$200k. It is advisable to choose the best app development agency regardless of the expense. You must prioritize the application’s quality over the development cost. So save time and choose a leading mobile app development agency like Esolz Technologies for developing your flight booking application.