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Reasons Why Google Maps Not Displaying Business Profile

Reasons Why Google Maps Not Displaying Business Profile

The name you can trust when it comes to getting noticed by your leads is Google Maps. It’s one of the best ways to show your location to customers who search for your services. However, If you cannot find your business on Google Maps, it’s certainly annoying as then that would mean you are losing a good number of local traffic, who might be interested in your business. This is a genuine issue which should be fixed at the earliest.

If you optimize your GBP information, you must be able to find your business on Google maps. However, several factors might restrict your business from showing up on Google maps.

Reasons that are preventing your business from appearing on Google Maps

Let’s look at the key issues why your business location is not showing on Google Maps and find out how to solve them.

Incomplete verification:

You might not be aware of it, but one of the causes of your company’s absence from Google Maps is insufficient verification. It occurs when you choose not to enrol in the verification process or when the process fails.

Again, if there are multiple locations verification is essential for each one. Furthermore, it takes about 14 days to finish the postcard verification.

  • What you must do: You have three options for profile verification for GBP
  • listings: phone, email, and postcard. Since the other two options are not accessible to all businesses, the majority of businesses must select a postcard verification method.

So, don’t forget to add and verify your business’s postal address. Also, don’t forget to verify each new location you add.

Profile suspension by Google:

Another reason, why you are unable to see your profile can be your profile suspension by Google. When Google suspends your GBP listing, Google Maps no longer displays your business.

How to fix it:

To fix this problem, first you need to identify the actual reason behind it. Following are some common reasons for which Google may have suspended your profile.

  • Not using similar business names across different platforms
  • In case you have created multiple listings for your company
  • If you didn’t verify the listing after editing business-related information.
  • When you have added a forwarded URL as your website link
  • Unnecessary keyword stuffing in your GBP listing

Any local business marketing agencies in India like Esolz Technologies would always suggest sending requests for reinstatement. Follow the steps below to request reinstatement.

  • First, you should sign in to your GBP account and make edits.
  • After that, you must examine your profile keeping in mind Google’s Business profile guidelines.
  • Finally, request for reinstatement after making all the necessary changes to your profile.

Irrelevant to the search query:

It is not possible to find your business profile on Google maps when you are using irrelevant search terms. Unless the search term is relevant to your business or is part of your listing, it will not appear on the map.

How to get rid of it:

  • First, you must verify if your business is listed by visiting Then search by entering your business address instead of using any particular term.
  • Try to add relevant terms in your listing, which can help it appear in the search results.

Removing your business address:

According to the GBP (Google business profile) guidelines, providing your business address is a must. Therefore, verify if you have hidden it from your Google Business Profile, in case you can’t find your business appearing on Google maps.

How to fix it:

  • After opening the Google dashboard, click on the ‘info’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘edit symbol’, which you will find beside the address field.
  • You can remove your address and choose your service area using the’ clear address’ symbol.
  • Finally, check all the changes once you submit the service areas simply by verifying your profile on Google maps.

Sharing a similar GBP address with another business:

In case you have added your business address on Google Business Profile, which is also an official address of another business, then it’s a problem. This way, you are violating the GBP guideline, and as a result Google can suspend your profile.

What should you do:

According to leading Google local listing services providers, Google only provides ‘edit’ options. Therefore, you must fix this issue offline by requesting the other company remove their GBP address. Otherwise, you will have a new location for your business and share that on Google.

Lack of sufficient prominence:

The term ‘prominence’ indicates the popularity of any business or company, according to Google. If your business does not show up on Google maps, this could be another reason. Businesses with more prominence will rank better in the search results.

How to solve it:

When it comes to being popular or well-known, you must focus on effective promotional campaigns. Your business must create its identity to gain popularity and improve brand awareness. After all, you will always find a well-known local brand rank better than any similar other less popular business.

Lack of Google Business Profile optimization:

Staying ahead of the game is not possible without Google Business Profile optimization. The reason why you cannot find your business profile may be the lack of Google Business Profile optimization.

What you must do:

  • You have to provide all your business-related information clearly and appropriately.
  • Provide details of your services and products and within 750 characters define your business USPs.
  • Mention your business hours or service hours on your profile.
  • Request your customers to share their reviews on your profile.
  • Wise usage of images can help gain engagement, so keep this in mind.
  • Add relevant FAQs on your GBP to help your customers.


By now, you may have understood and identified the reason why you can’t find your profile on Google maps. Try to fix the problems by considering the solutions we have discussed here. Moreover, consulting Esolz Technologies, the leading digital marketing service provider in India, is always a smart idea to help your business grow in the digital realm.