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Facebook introduces GrokNet for a more personalized shopping experience!

Facebook introduces GrokNet for a more personalized shopping experience!

Now you enjoy stress-free shopping on Facebook Marketplace with the newest AI launched by the company.

Facebook is indeed a popular platform among buyers and sellers of different parts of the world. And to keep up their good work very recently they have added a new member to their family GrokNet, helping users in recognizing the goods they are looking for.

Sounds Interesting? Has to be. After all, it is the stepping stone to the future purchase where image can be easily recognized and purchased without keeping any doubt in mind.

Already Like other e-commerce platforms, Facebook’s Marketplace relies on Artificial Intelligence to learn more about shoppers preferences, demands and other necessary factors that can boost their purchase decision. GrokNet has added another feather to its cap.

What is GrokNet? And how’s it different from other AI?

GrokNet is an AI-powered digital assistant very similar to Echo Look which has been launched by Amazon, yet little different because of its attributes and accurateness. Whether it is the colour, texture, style or pattern, this technology will help buyers in identifying the various objectsaccurately and prompt them to take immediate action.

A machine can  discern an object but identifying its specific models and differentiating between old and new one is quite a difficult task. Here is how GrokNet will help.

On one part it will give automatic suggestion to marketplace sellers regarding the attributes of the products as soon as they upload any image, on the other hand, it will allow buyers to find specific items when they are intended to buy. Also, vendors will be able to display the stocks in a more regular setting.

Being a frequent online shopper you can rightly guess how the product will look in real on receiving it but the size and other features are sometimes hard to guess.

Thankfully GrokNet will give users a better understanding. Already this technology has been arrayed on Facebook Marketplace helping users to list down the items that are for sale with brief information. So, the moment users upload a picture it will start giving suggestions based on that.

On the business part, they only need to upload their product photos and this technology will spontaneously tag those items and link accordingly to the Market place.

Although the accuracy level of GrokNet is still unclear the company claims it to give 90% accuracy in the Home and Garden category and for other product types it is yet to present the statistics.

Unless we experience it giving reaction will be hard so let’s experience it for better understanding.