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Expect Zoom to be more secured from now onwards!

Expect Zoom to be more secured from now onwards!

Earlier Zoom the video calling app has been accused several times of its security lapses. But this time you can expect it to be highly secured, for offering end-to-end encrypted video conferencing mode.

Zoom has been quite a popular video meeting app, especially when millions of people under locked-down state amidst Coronavirus, using it to remain connected with their dear ones. But soon it was accused of security glitches,resulting in losing users.

To gain back the user’s trust it has acquired a Keybase, a start-up based in New York, specializing in end-to-end encryption of messages and cloud services. So, zoom customer can expect better security, something which is highly important for users who are relied on such platform for work purpose as well.

Acquiring Keybase will give users a personalized experience, apart from securing their conversation. However, to take the benefit of such end-to-end- encrypted video conferencing mode users need to be a paid member. It is not available for free. Once users log in to their account it will generate cryptographic characters which are already stored in the network from before, establishing trust among the users. According to the deal between the two tech companies, Keybase will remain an auxiliary company of Zoom for securing their network. Nearly two dozen security engineers of Keybase will be employed by Zoom directly. So, you can now consider zoom to be a secured video conferencing platform and use it without worrying much.