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Everything about SaaS and how it differs from on-premise installation

Everything about SaaS and how it differs from on-premise installation

Where the tech savvy world is very much focused on cloud phenomenon or SaaS still there are many companies who are yet to differentiate between SaaS and traditional Software application also called on-premises software. Hopefully this article with give them a clear idea on it.

Before you continue reading this blog first you must understand what is Saas or Software as a service all about? When a third party developer builds an application and makes it available to its customers through internet then distribution of that software model is called SaaS.

The basic difference between SaaS and on-premise software installation lies in the fact that SaaS is very much cost effective. You don’t need to invest on those expensive hardware or build an infrastructure to maintain those software. For any kind of problems you can easily contact the vendor for their assistance from where you have outsourced it.

Apart from accessing the data remotely via the internet, the pricing model of SaaS is also very much different from on-premise installation. Where you need to purchase a license for installing the software locally i.e. on- premise software, SaaS allows you to pay monthly or annually as a subscription fee which includes everything- the license fee along with other maintenance charges.

Still confused which one to go for?

You might get confused while selecting the best possible platform for your company. Don’t be so. All you need to do is understand the basic requirement of your business process. If you want a straightforward easy solution within your budget then SaaS is the best solution for your company. In spite of being cost effective it is well-efficient towards handling any complex issues.

But in case you want a software to remain for a longer time period (depending on the nature of your business) you can go your on-premise system as well. Initially it might be a little expensive but in the long run you can benefit from using it.

Benefits of using SaaS

The major advantage of using SaaS is that you can customize it as per your own requirements. During its early stage such customization was very limited but day by day it is becoming easier to handle. There are consultants who can customize it accordingly to fit your business purpose.

You can even change its interface and edit the data fields as per your business requirements. However, as of now you don’t get as much flexibility as on-premise services. But the developers are constantly working on it to make it as flexible as on-premises software services.

Is security your primary concern?

If you are worried about safety and security of your data then it is quite justified. Since a third party vendor will be maintaining the most critical data of your business you might not be comfortable with that idea. It is also a true fact that server might not be near you or perhaps it is completely in a different city. But these third party provider invest lots of money in securing your data which sometimes is not possible with on-premise system.

Moreover, if anytime your vendor wraps up its business you don’t need to worry at all. It is quite difficult to guess when and under what conditions they will wrap up their business but the SaaS vendors pays a prepaid fees to the data center so that your business is never affected with their sudden decision. You can always access your data securely whenever you need. Happy reading!