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Engage Capsicum with your iphone in your daily life

Engage Capsicum with your iphone in your daily life

Yes, of course, you heard it correctly. Why not? Wait! Wait! Are you thinking about the vegetable Capsicum that we eat? Well, I am talking about the Capsicum app that you can install in your iphone to plan your daily schedule.

In spite of coming out from the trend of using traditional pen and paper to digital devices we rarely make use of the calendar and daily planner app that is already there in our mobile application. Interestingly, the launch of Capsicum app is going to change your mind and help you to plan your daily schedules just like the real-world daily planners, like- you can track your events, things you need to carry, track information not related to specific time and date- like your aspirations, daily habits like- if you have taken your medicines, time when you have taken those medicines, if you have any meetings or journal entries you need to make.

Two masterminds were there behind the success of the Capsicum project. One was software from U.S named Ish ShaBazz and another one from Australia named Heidi Helen Pilypas. Their dual love and interest in ios apps and daily planning helped them to create this successful app and they named it “Capsicum”. It resembles to the name of bell pepper which is shown in their logo.

This new app has got three major sections and each section has got their own button at the bottom of their home screen, offering daily, monthly, and weekly to-do –lists, in a more natural way.

Capsicum apps give you the flexibility to take note of any appointments that you need to take but have got no fixed time slot, in between any scheduled events or meetings or calls, which calendaring apps or other apps cannot give. Also, synchronization between capsicum app and Apple’s calendar is always possible giving no chance to miss any events. Once, you are done with those events you can tick them off just like you do in your Apple’s Notes and in case it is not over you can pass it on to the next day.

Another section of this app which is at the center will help you to write short journals, your thoughts, habits, moods or any other resolutions you have made and can be operated either pressing the tab or asking “siri” to open it for you.

Another major section is called “Loose leaf”. It can be used to write long journals or something which you find interesting. This is the perfect place for writing any personal thoughts that you have in your bucket, your holiday list or some other plan that is not immediate but you might be interested in the future. The team is even planning to create a sketch pad too, sometimes later.

This app has been designed very nicely and can be personalized adding beautiful covers, decorative tapes, and headings that matches perfectly with your mood and give you the feelings of a personal notebook and not the general apps you are using. Also, one can create more than one notebook, in case one is interested in maintaining a separate notebook for personal life and professional life.

This new application is very much user-friendly, lies somewhere between a notebook where you can write all the events and calendar where you add events in a well-structured design.

Capsicum is a subscription-based app which offers 14-day free trial initially and once you decide to use it further you can subscribe it anytime.