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Emoji and its increasing popularity- now even on the car number plates.

These tiny digital images are strong enough to capture our heart.

Little did we knew, how these emoji will gradually be a part of our life when it was first introduced to us in the late 90s. Starting from the smart phone operating system and various apps to different social media platforms and soon to be on car number plates, emojis are everywhere with us.

But why is this so?

Actually, emoji’s are a great way of expressing our feelings. Not that it is making us dumber day by day but it is acting as a tool for uplifting our emotions more, helps us to express ourselves. Also, whenever we are in a hurry we simply use emoji to convey our feelings rather than typing more details. Thus, we can see the strength, such mini icon can hold.

But, as days are passing by we are getting more and more fanatical about using emoji. As per the research conducted by Dr Owen Churches, a psychologist from Flinders University, Australia, people nowadays are reacted to emojis the same way they would react to any human being on their faces.

And the latest buzz is that people are willing to pay extra for introducing them on car license number plate. As per the latest report, in Queensland, Australia, more than 3.5 million licensed car drivers can choose any emoji, for their car plates. Not only that, it is possible to create, customize or pre-order any design before introducing it on the number plate. Each plate would cost around A$475 for showcasing emoji on the number plate. It has become a matter of creativity for them. People have gone so crazy about it, that, an Australian company producing license plates is awarding winner an iPhone XS Max and an emoji merchandise pack of A$ 2000 for getting the best Emoji done.

Of course, people outside Australia need to wait for a longer time as this facility is only given to Australians currently.

But, I am quite confident if provision comes in the future, then everyone will be interested in doing it, following the latest trend. As the present generation using emojis are more comfortable with it than without it.

So, go ahead and let the emoji speak up your mind.