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Don’t get lured by the facilities you get from Apple Card.

Don’t get lured by the facilities you get from Apple Card.

The company introduced its digital wallet system in the year 2012, and now luring you with double cashback benefits for every single transaction you make through Apple Card, only to control your finances.

As soon as Apple introduced its Apple Card many people expressed interest in having it and some of you will soon be able to access this card which is very similar to Apple Pay. It is the payment system that the company introduced a few years back and remains within your Apple wallet. Once you download the app you can use it anywhere to make payment. All you need is your iPhone and the app which you need to open before placing it on the payment terminal and finally, the payment is done.

If you are looking for a physical card like other credit or debit card made up of titanium, you can have that as well. But anyways Apple prefers you to stick to your iPhone only for making any kind of transaction. They want to lure you by offering double cashback for every transaction you make using you iPhone rather than the physical card. There is a purpose behind it.

It is not only about replacing the titanium card you are holding, but it is also about establishing technological solutions within your iPhone to remain there forever. Because of the double cashback benefits, you will be willing to use it everywhere for every purchase you make and thus it achieves its goal of dominating your digital wallet.

One thing you must remember that this Apple Card is quite similar to what you use as a credit card. Since no currency has been invented by Apple till date, each time you purchase using your Apple Card the reward gets added to the system within the app.

If you are thinking about its security then let me inform it is not as much secure as Apple Pay. Anyhow the card is easily replaceable if you face any fraud transaction takes place.

But again why are people going gaga over using Apple Card? The answer is quite simple. You don’t need to card any physical card. Its interface has been designed amazingly with an app which needs your iPhone only. You will be able to check your transaction history anytime from anywhere and when it’s time to pay the outstanding bill you can get a clear idea about the last date of bill payment and the interest you will be charged after that.