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Don’t be amazed if you find Facebook developing its own AI chips

Don’t be amazed if you find Facebook developing its own AI chips

When most of the organizations are introducing AI available in the market, for the smooth functioning of their business, Facebook thinks differently.

No wonder artificial intelligence is gradually conquering the world. All this is because of the increased productivity along with the perfections it brings with it. Not, only that AI is also capable of performing a function within a very short time span which even the human brain is unable to do. It is not that everything is very positive about using AI, as there is also a fear of an unknown future where it will finally lead us. Well, that’s a completely new topic and I won’t get into it. We will now discuss something new that Facebook will develop soon.

Currently, if reports are to be trusted then Facebook will soon develop its own AI Chips, much more advanced than what is currently available on the market. This report is based on the interview given by Yann LeCun, working as Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist on Facebook.

What is the purpose behind it?
The main purpose of developing its own AI chips is to achieve artificial Intelligence along with digital assistants and inbuilt common sense. As per the interview was given by Yann Le Cun, Facebook has already started developing its customized Application-specific integrated circuit chips for supporting its AI software. Moreover, they are also ready to face all the hurdles that will come their way.

All this while, Facebook has been in partnership with different hardware dealers who manufactured the stuff as per their needs.

But now there is the need for building low power chip that can work on all data encrypted from all mobile devices, on the device itself rather than sending those data to the cloud platform. Still, Facebook will also continue their work using the chip of the existing companies.

Though the structure of the new chips is still unknown for us, it is expected that the new chip will reduce the workload of the computer. Soon a time will come when the computer will focus mostly on deep learning and thus new kinds of hardware will be invented that can support the future Artificial Intelligence, which in turn might also change the way arithmetic logic is written in circuits.

Thus, we can see Facebook is all set to reach its new goal and soon it will bring changes helping Facebook to perform even better.