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Digital Marketing Strategies For A Newly Published Website

Digital Marketing Strategies For A Newly Published Website

All your hard work is in vain if your new website is not discovered by visitors. Hence, it deserves appropriate promotions. Nevertheless, you need to plan how to promote your website effectively. After all, getting the views of the users requires careful planning and strategies.

Knowing every key factor of effective promotion is something that will help you in establishing brand reputation online and improve website footfall. Let’s take a look at effective social media marketing strategies to promote your newly launched website.

Effective ways to promote your new website:

Let’s see what you can do to promote your brand new website:

Relevant blogs:

Blogging is a great way to promote your new website. Since you write your blog content using SEO keywords, those blogs can be seen by their readers. When readers find something relevant they are likely to come back to it. In fact, always allow your visitors to share the blogs they like.

Guest blogging is also another amazing way to promote your new website. For guest blogging, you have to write blogs for a reputable source. You can build backlinks with each guest post. In this way, you can easily get visitors for your new website. Guest blogging also offers a great opportunity to establish a relationship with your new visitors.


Search Engine Optimization is another effective and important way to boost the visibility of your new website. By using proper keyword research and other effective SEO techniques, you can actually boost the search engine ranking of your website.

It is always advisable to seek help from SEO experts for your website. After all, with the help of a specialist, you can take care of the on-page and off-page SEO of your website. Most importantly, Search Engine Optimization is an organic way to boost traffic to your website. With this method, you will not have to spend any extra money on marketing your brand new website.

Promotion through emails:

You can use emails in order to promote your new website. With email marketing, you can easily communicate with your users to let them know about your website.

Email marketing lets you promote your website even before you have launched your new website. You can actually send your users a URL so that they can subscribe to your email list. Through emails sending coupons to your customers is also possible. By doing so, your customers will know about your website even before you launch it.

Social networking sites:

When it comes to the promotion of something new social media plays a major role. You can post ads on social media platforms like Facebook to promote your website.

Social networking sites help millions of users come to know about your website and what you are planning to offer. Moreover, you must conduct research work on which social networking site your target audience mainly follows. You can actually take advantage of that particular site for promotion purposes.

Besides, you can also create business pages on social networking sites. It lets you directly interact with your customers. Promoting your website is therefore hassle-free and does not cost you anything extra.

Take the help of Google My Business:

You can actually register your website on Google My Business. This does not cost you anything.

What are the benefits?

Well, actually the link to your business website will actually appear among the local businesses. Almost every detail of your business will be included, such as location, reviews, etc. Hence, Google My business helps you promote your website without any cost. Most importantly, it lets you target the local market for your services. You can easily promote your website among the local customers.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is also another great way to let you find customers for your new website. Content marketing is not limited to blogging. It is all about promoting your business with meaningful, engaging, and relevant content.

You can include videos, podcasts, or any other method to make the process of marketing more creative. Therefore, make sure your SEO strategies are up to date. After all, you need to include keywords to improve the ranking of the page. Also use social media to share all the promotional content for your website. Choosing paid promotion of the content is another option to consider.

Virtual communities:

You can choose virtual communities to share the promotional content of your upcoming website.Post your ad on the page of such communities and visitors will certainly find the details about your website from these pages. As a result, posting comprehensive information about your new website is actually feasible with such virtual communities.

PPC advertising:

We cannot ignore Pay Per Click or PPC advertising when it comes to promoting your new website. Hence, if you want to start with PPC advertising, Google Adwords is your best choice.

But how can Google Adwords help you?

It allows you to create ads with relevant keywords. In fact, it lets your ad enter into an auction that is almost automatic. All you have to do is pay for the clicks your ad receives from viewers. The highest payer wins the auction.

However, Adwords does not award ratings based solely on auctions. It examines both the content and relevance of the keyword.

Use Instagram stories:

The purpose of promoting your website is to attract your viewers in a unique and innovative way. Instagram stories are a free and creative way to promote your website. You just need to create a story that conveys your website’s message and upload it to Instagram. Consequently, you can share your website with multiple users for the next 24 hours.


Hopefully, the aforementioned strategies will help you in branding your website digitally. But the right way to promote a brand-new website is never possible without help from experts in this field. Therefore, you need to consult a leading digital marketing agency and take advice from digital marketing experts to market your newly developed website.