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Developing a Crypto Wallet App: Complete Guide

Developing a Crypto Wallet App: Complete Guide

Are you looking for a Crypto Wallet App that is easy to use and includes all the latest features? We have penned down a complete guide on how to develop a crypto wallet app.

But before learning how to create a crypto wallet, you must be familiar with the basics. In addition, the purpose of having a crypto wallet should be very clear to you. But why?

Achieving success always begins with knowing the purpose of your action. Further, creating a wallet is as important as securing it. Thus, you should be aware of how to safeguard your new crypto wallet.

Let’s uncover all the answers that will help you create a cryptocurrency wallet.

Important facts about a Crypto Wallet app

Check out the following points to have a deeper understanding of Crypto Wallet:

What is Crypto Wallet App?

A Crypto wallet is nothing more than a program required to use cryptocurrency. In addition, this wallet allows you to store cryptocurrency and keep a track of the transactions occurring. Additionally, your wallet will let you know how many coins it has. Most importantly, this wallet also allows you to maintain safety and anonymity.

What are the various types of crypto wallets?

The following are the various types of crypto wallets:

Web wallets:
By using this wallet, you’ll be able to access bitcoins. With it, it is much easier for you to access bitcoin through any web browser. Examples of Web wallets: Electrum, Coinbase wallet etc.

Desktop wallet:
A desktop wallet is mainly for desktops and users can control this wallet. With this wallet, you can store your cryptocurrencies on your desktop computer. However, there should be enough storage space on the desktop computer.

Mobile wallets:
This type of wallet is certainly better since it requires no extra functionality to be added to the smartphone. In fact, customization of the mobile wallet is also possible. The wallet becomes more secure this way.

Hot and Cold wallets (For bitcoins):
A hot wallet is primarily an online wallet that can be accessed from anywhere. A cold wallet, on the other hand, is something that is stored physically.

Why do you need to create a crypto wallet app?

Whenever you plan to prepare a crypto wallet, it is a good idea to know what you will gain from it. In order to understand the purpose of creating a crypto wallet, consider the following points.

Secure payment process:
The payment method through a crypto wallet is absolutely safe. In fact, one can maintain anonymity.

Maintain privacy:
With a crypto wallet, users do not have to worry about privacy issues. The data of the users will always remain secure.

While using crypto wallet there is no need of any intermediaries. In fact, it is not even controlled by the governments.

It’s not complicated:
Transactions through crypto wallets are completely hassle-free. In fact, it is accessible 24/7. For international transactions, it is the easiest way to go.

Bring in the modern users:
Crypto wallets are certainly of interest to users who are always willing to accept new technologies. If you are trying to build a new crypto wallet to attract the users of the present day, then it is definitely a very good idea.

What are the features your Crypto wallet app must have?

Your new cryptocurrency wallet app needs to be user-friendly and not confusing at all. To be honest, it must have the same features as the latest crypto wallets.

This allows users to register to their crypto wallets using their keys. It requires them to fill out a registration form. You can always add 2-step verification to your app to keep it secure.

Address lists:
Transaction on a crypto wallet can be quicker by including this particular feature.

Push notification:
Push notifications provide information on the price of the digital currency. The administrators have to send such push notifications.

With this feature, users can make secure transactions that are also faster.

QR-code scanner:
Scanning the wallet addresses is possible with a QR-code scanner. In fact, it makes the transaction process even faster.

Keeping the crypto wallet app is absolutely important. That is why you should let users change all the security related information from time to time.

Steps to develop Crypto Wallet app

Following are the main stages that are important for you to develop a crypto wallet app.

Choose open source library: For your crypto wallet app, you can choose free libraries and tools such as bitcoin SDK and coinbase SDK. Using Coinbase SDK you can easily create a digital wallet for both android and iOS. In fact, the bitcoin SDK is also easy to handle.

If your aim is to build a feature-rich crypto-wallet app then it is smart to use APIs. Coinbase, Bitcore etc are the most popular APIs. APIs make the process of developing a wallet app quicker.

The appropriate cloud platform:
Your crypto wallet needs a solid cloud platform. Choosing BaaS is beneficial for your wallet app. You can join its cloud service with your app. It helps you create a secure wallet app.

Choose the appropriate technology stack:
Before selecting a suitable technology stack, determine whether you want to build an angular app or a native app. For angular apps, HTML5 and CSS3 are the right options. A native app, on the other hand, requires either Java or Kotlin.

You can always improve the security of your crypto wallet application. By using face ID or fingertip authentication, you can increase the security of your wallet.

Take the help of experts:
To create your crypto wallet error-free you need to hire the experts. Hence, looking for a leading provider of mobile app development services is certainly a great idea.


Hopefully, the information provided above will be an effective tool helping you to build a new crypto wallet app. However, seeking help from experts is always a smart idea. Therefore, start looking for a mobile app development company to create your latest crypto wallet. With the help of specialists, you can always create an app that is bug-free and helpful to grow your business.