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Steps to Create A WordPress CryptoCurrency Investment Website

Steps to Create A WordPress CryptoCurrency Investment Website

“Create your cryptocurrency investment website in WordPress and start building your credibility in the crypto marketplace.”

Despite the ingrained risks, the popularity blockchain industry and the crypto market are increasing rapidly with each passing day. The buzzing crypto market has led many aspiring entrepreneurs and visionaries to start their cryptocurrency investment websites. If you are one of them and are ready to venture into the crypto market, then read this blog with all the valuable details to help you get started with your cryptocurrency investment website.

Crypto – A Brief About Digital Currency

Buying, selling, and trading in crypto is the new hype in the digital market in 2022. It is an effective alternative to fiat money. It ensures secure financial transactions that help big companies, corporates, and sharks to deal in finance and provide immediate help to small and medium organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups to kick start their businesses.

Although the crypto-assets don’t exist in any physical form, it is there in the blockchain on a server where transactions are stored in blocks without individual identifying factors. Today many people want to get into the blockchain industry and are launching Initial Coin Offer (ICO) for raising funds.

Cryptocurrency Website – The Future Of Financial Market

A cryptocurrency website is a platform where you can trade, buy and sell digital assets easily. It is an interactive platform helping businesses build credibility in the digital market with digital assets.

Creating a cryptocurrency investment website can give you a competitive edge and bind you with all the latest technological advancements.

For example, you can make instant payments without any hindrances, encourage users to swap assets instantly, purchase goods and services using crypto assets, and so on. WordPress with responsive design is undoubtedly the best platform for building crypto investment websites.

Here are some simple and easy steps you can undertake to build your cryptocurrency investment website with WordPress from scratch.

Choosing A Website Hosting Provider

First, you need to choose a suitable web hosting company or service that will help you get started. A reliable web hosting company ensures that the website is accessible to all web visitors 24/7, and if the server is down for any reason, they will assist.

WordPress is a user-friendly platform, and most web hosting service providers are compatible with it and allow you to publish WordPress websites on the server with just a click.

Different types of web hosting that you need to consider according to your financial standing and scalability are:

1. Free Web Hosting
Free web hosting is not so reliable as other web hosting types. This type of web hosting can leave you high and dry at any time. Therefore, for a cryptocurrency website, it is not a suitable choice for you.

2. Shared Web Hosting
Shared web hosting is a very common type of web hosting. It is quite cheap, affordable for startups and entrepreneurs. It can be a little slow if you have too many visitors (in thousands every day).

3. Virtual Private Server
A virtual private server helps you to own part of the webserver. This gives you more privacy and control. It also eliminates the risk of the website slowing down while it drives more traffic.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting
Dedicated server hosting is a hosting service that lets you lease an entire server from the hosting provider. It is an expensive hosting service, but it is most suitable for a website that drives huge traffic.

Choose A Website Domain

After you have decided on the web hosting plan, you need to register your domain name. The domain name should be a suitable fit for your business and should be memorable and short. Once the domain name is registered, you need to enter the account and the billing details, and further log in to the control panel of the website.

Installing WordPress

Now, it’s time for a WordPress installation to run a cryptocurrency website. You can install WordPress in two ways- you can either use a software installer and download it automatically or do it manually.

Once the process is completed, you need to wait a couple of minutes and enter your login details to log in to the backend of your site.

Choose A Website Template & Theme

There are varieties of themes to choose from to create your cryptocurrency website in WordPress.

Some of the most popular WordPress cryptocurrency website design themes are stated below-

  • Cryptic

The cryptic theme is one of the most attractive, and award-winning cryptocurrency website themes. This theme is only for Cryptocurrency. Cryptic comes with a cryptocurrency calculator, which will allow you to build your website without any coding experience. It is a very fast-loading theme and offers great support. This theme has many interesting features like ICO (Initial Coin Offering) history timeline, shopping cart, multiple header variants, 600+ Goggle fonts, multiple colors, skins, custom widgets, and more.

  • Crypterio

Crypterio theme has a responsive design flow with a clean design. This theme is suited for Bitcoin, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and Cryptocurrency. It can show real-time exchange rates, has a crypto coins converter. Moreover, it is cross-browser compatible.
Crypterio is bundled with several premium plugins, features, including several templates for the services, case study, and team pages. It is updated regularly and offers great professional 24×7 support and so much more.

  • Kryptex

Kryptex is built for mobile devices with optimized features like drag and drop builder, etc. This theme is most applicable for Cryptocurrency and Mining. It is SEO-friendly and offers features like two homepage layouts, that are easy to customizable. It even has shortcodes. This theme offers professional support, has interactive Ajax Search, with flexible colors and typography.

All WordPress themes are simple and easy to customize. You need to click on ‘Install Theme’, and then pick the WordPress theme you find suitable for your website.

You can also take professional help from the developers of WordPress website development companies in India to get your cryptocurrency website developed. They can help you customize the template and theme design according to your business requirement.

Pages To Include In Your Digital Currency Site

You need to add relevant content to your website to attract web visitors and investors. The information should be easily accessible. Also, you must check if the website has pages that boost user interaction.

  • A ‘Start here’ page

When any user visits a website for the first time, they have no idea where to look for the desired information. There has to be a homepage from where they must be guided to the page where they can find the information they are looking for.

  • An ‘About’ page

This page should provide all the necessary information about the company, its mission, vision, experiences, and the reason to trust them.

  • A ‘Buy’ page

This page gives web visitors an option to invest on the spot while going through your site. Visitors can buy, sell or exchange crypto assets here.

  • A ‘News’ page

This page is essential as your investors must be interested in the latest developments related to your currencies. This page helps your users to stay at par with all the latest information, data, events, and happenings with the digital assets.

  • A ‘Community or Forum’ page

This page is that section of your website where users, investors, and interested parties can discuss all the essential details related to digital assets and coins.

If you need to advance your cryptocurrency website, you can set up some other features for your users.


You need to consider that your cryptocurrency website has a niche, but also you need to make it appealing at the industry level. Cryptocurrency is the new future of financial transitions, where payments are faster and easier with no geographical or global barriers and is accepted by all organizations. Reach out to the best website design and development company and get your cryptocurrency investment website built today.