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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Crypto Exchange App?

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Crypto Exchange App?

Blockchain technology is storming the world of digital currency, and gradually people are getting more accustomed to it, accepting this new technology for daily transactions. The main reason for such growth in popularity is Its easy-to-use functionality and robust security. And since the future finance system is built on blockchain, it makes cryptocurrency a hot topic for any conversation, and some clients are eager about the cost involved while building a crypto exchange app.

Research predicts that at a CAGR of 11.1%, the global cryptocurrency market would reach $1902.5 million in 2028. This increasing demand is gaslighting the app development industry as well.

Due to the extreme need for cryptocurrency exchange apps, the cost of developing a designated application is also increasing. The price can vary depending on the various factors related to the application.

In this blog, we will learn about some significant factors that can influence the budget for developing a cryptocurrency exchange application. Also, we will discuss some real-world examples to give you a better idea about this process.

Let’s get started.

The significant factors that you should consider while developing a cryptocurrency exchange application are,

  • Types of the Exchange App
  • Features of the Exchange App
  • Popular Crypto Exchange Apps
  • Available Technologies

These four factors influence your cryptocurrency exchange app development budget. Let’s discuss them here,

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Apps

There are three different types of cryptocurrency exchange applications, and they are as follows,


Centralized crypto exchanges work as intermediaries, bringing in money through commissions and transaction costs. Coinbase Exchange, Binance, KuCoin, and Kraken are well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors in cryptocurrencies can buy and sell digital assets on these exchanges at the current market price.

By using an order book system, CEXs list and arrange to buy and sell orders following the desired buy or sell price. The exchange’s matching system pairs buyers and sellers according to the best executable price for the chosen lot size. As a result, whether it be a fiat currency or a cryptocurrency, the price of a digital asset will depend on its supply and demand relative to another asset.


On the other hand, a decentralized exchange app (DEX) enables peer-to-peer transactions straight from your digital wallet without using an intermediary. PancakeSwap, Uniswap, dYdX, and Kyber are a few of DEXs.

These decentralized exchanges are driven by smart contracts built on the blockchain, which are self-executing codes. Compared to a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, these smart contracts provide greater privacy and less slippage.


Hybrid is the latest type of crypto exchange application. However, it is still under development. A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange architecture combines the benefits of CEX and DEX. A DEX solution’s privacy and security guarantees are combined with the short transaction times and liquidity of a centralized network. It has the best of the two worlds, which makes it more competent as an exchange app.

The two most well-known hybrid cryptocurrency platforms are the Nash and Currency exchanges.

Features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Application

There are many features that you may select for your crypto exchange application. Depending on your vision and goal, you can modify and add various features to your application. However, some basic features must be included in your app. Some of them are written below.

User Interface

The UI and UX design of the cryptocurrency exchange website must be created to be visually appealing and offer the users an incredible user experience. Because it is simple for a cryptocurrency exchange or blockchain app development company to become overwhelmed by the system’s complexity and lose focus, the design and functionalities up front must be difficult.

However, if you invest in the appropriate business, you’ll receive a user interface that lets users:

  • Elicit orders
  • View transaction history alongside the available filters.
  • Access to graphics and indications
  • The choice to view every activity on the dashboard
  • Seamless deposit and withdrawal of funds


Another important feature of an exchange application is user management. Any crypto exchange platform deals with millions of users daily. So you must ensure your application is ready to manage that number of users. The basic factors you must pay exclusive attention to are written below:

  • Sign in and Sign out
    Even if cryptocurrencies require a lot of user data, there is a reason for doing so in the beginning. The users must be guaranteed a swift in and exit during registration.
  • User Creation or Sign Up
    Users can create their accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges. However, only some crypto exchange platforms allow the admin to create users.
  • Verification of the User
    You should be aware by now that your cryptocurrency exchange platform’s users are a crucial component. To set the account restrictions, you might offer a variety of various verification types on your site. These may include names, contact information, photo identification, etc.

Trading Platform

Any top cryptocurrency exchange platform’s trade engine serves as its foundation. It is the primary feature of any crypto exchange application. Managing It significantly contributes to the exchange’s primary functionality, including,

  • Execution of transactions
  • Computation of balances
  • Reaches out to the order books by phone
  • Matching the exchange’s purchasing and selling transactions


The entire collection of processes and operations allows external apps to access data or features if the operating system is a fundamental component of the digital currencies exchange platform. You need to understand that your budget can greatly influence the type of ApPI you choose to develop the application.

A few considerations need to be considered while choosing the API implementation:

  • A Private API
    A private API is only utilized within the system; for example, you may create a bot to assist you in trading using a private API.
  • Public API
    On the other hand, if you outsource to develop your Exchange application, you must use a public API.
  • WebSockets Technology
    With the help of WebSockets technology, you can get an event-based answer from the server without waiting for its judgment. It is used to transmit information on market movements, trade adjustments, etc.

Every trading platform must adhere to the fixed protocol no matter what resource is exchanged.

Admin Panel

The crypto exchange’s administrators are in charge of administering and overseeing user trade. They must be permitted to access the user ID, email, name, and other information based on the access levels. The transaction ID, stamp, description, amount, and many other details are also included.

This feature allows the user to perform various operations. These include changing the trading fees and managing crypto lists or adding some to the list. Furthermore, it will enable the user to fund in time of tickets and support any issues.

A well-designed admin panel dramatically enhances the user experience, which helps in client retention. So you need to be careful when finalizing these features. Also, the budget will increase as you add different panel tabs for your user. But it’s worth every penny if your user feels comfortable using those features.


Another essential feature that you must add to your exchange application is analytics. This feature allows your user to keep track of various factors regarding crypto exchange. These features collect data and analyze them for your user to help them in the trade. They get important cryptocurrency trade information through this feature.


Lastly, you need to add a database to your crypto exchange application. The database works as a secure vault for storing all the required information. For any transaction, this information may come in handy.

Some popular Crypto Exchange App

Many popular crypto exchange apps are available that you can study to take reference for developing your application. You can learn about them, find out what they lack, and add that to your application for better client satisfaction. Some of the popular crypto exchange applications are discussed below.


Binance is a popular crypto exchange app where hundreds of commonly used crypto can be traded. It has all the general features and offers every reacquired facility to its users. Furthermore, it offers mining facilities and helps in trading decisions. Moreover, it has its blockchain-based token known as BNB.


It offers a user-friendly app interface and an adequate amount of coins. Another noteworthy benefit is the Gemini Earn feature, which offers high-interest rates on cryptocurrency holdings.


This is one of the most significant applications for buying both cryptocurrencies and conventional investments like stocks and options in one place. It provides instant access to deposits and offers many well-known cryptocurrencies.


A complete financial ecosystem surrounds SoFi Active Investing. Members of SoFi have access to five different cryptocurrency exchanges. They have the option to borrow, save, and invest in equities. SoFi does have a markup, but it’s all-in-one simplicity makes it still worth taking into account.


With its extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase excels. There is also a cutting-edge trading platform offered for fervent digital currencies enthusiasts. Additionally, you can earn some free cryptocurrency if you’re willing to enroll in any educational courses.

Available Technologies

One major factor determining the cost of developing a crypto exchange application is the available tech. Depending on promised features and platform, you must consider a tech stack. This stack will help the developer to complete the task. You can get an iOS, web, or Android application. But for that, you will need a different tech stack. These technological stacks come in a variety of prices. So if the cost of the required tech stack is increased, then the app development cost will increase.

Required Expenses for Developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Based on the above-written factors, the application development cost can vary. To create an application with features similar to Coinbase, you need $57,000 to $98,000. This is only if you want just an application. However, if you want an application with the same features and a website, the expense will increase from $132,000 to $145,000.

Summing Up

Crypto has been a hot topic of discussion for a few years now. Justifying its easy usability and transaction features, experts reportedly say it will be the future of currency. People are also accepting this new currency, which drastically increases the demand for various crypto exchange apps. Many business giants and newcomers have already invested in these sectors for better business prospects. If you are in the same boat connect with the expert app developers of any leading mobile app development agency to help you build an efficient crypto exchange application within your budget.