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Etsy Encourages iOS Users to Make More Purchase with its New AR Feature

Etsy Encourages iOS Users to Make More Purchase with its New AR Feature

Digital platforms have been successful in giving a seamless experience to global buyers and sellers, and the use of AR has added an extra bonanza to it.  Many popular retailers like Ikea, Target, Wayfair and others started embracing it impress their potential clients, and now, Etsy has also boarded the same ship formore potential growth.

AR technology has been a boon to the majority of the industries because of its immense success in giving a personalized experience to its users by superimposing the computer-generated object to reality through smart devices. This time Etsy has embraced this technology to improve the sale of their products on iOS platform.

Very recently, with the start of the pandemic situation due to COVID -19, the company has been witnessing an ongoing demand of home décor things in this website especially, the demand for wall décor has drastically increased.

To give a more favorable experience to its potential buyers and encourage them to buy more such things Etsy added this AR feature in its iOS app available to both iPhone users and iPad users.

Such a feature will ensure that customers can take purchase decision more confidently and select the appropriate size and products they need for their home. So Etsy shoppers can find answers to all their queries by selecting the items categorically and pressing the AR icon to visualize how it will appear in reality.

This new feature has included the Vision framework in iOS to drag the artwork in the 3D world and further edited by Core image when needed. It has also included machine learning process to categorize the image on the device itself. So next time when you purchase artwork for your wall using your iOS device onEtsy, ensure you have loaded the AR item and also have a space on the desired wall where you can visualize the things by pressing the AR icon.