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5 Content Writing Tips For Law Firms

5 Content Writing Tips For Law Firms

For law firms, delivering evergreen high-quality legal content is important to generate business and ensure awareness among the public.

Law firms are always in search of producing more content for their business websites to generate more clients and get more cases. To create the right content for your target audience and their needs, you need to incur proper skills and proficiency in your writing style. Studies have shown that content marketing is 3 times more effective in generating traffic and leads.

Though the basic foundation of creating content is the same, legal content writing needs more focus on the legal processes, the services they offer, and how they can help. To understand the approach for content writing for law firms, let’s understand some basics.

What is legal content writing?

Legal content writing is about creating or producing well-aware, helpful, and long-form blog posts or articles portraying the legal prospects of each scenario. When you focus on legal content creation, it is important to be strategic, original, and accurate in your approach.

Why is legal content writing important?

Writing high-quality content for law firm websites is essential to land more cases. This will help you to build your social profiles and generate quality leads. You need to ensure that your law firm website stands out and can give solid competition to your rivals. This way the law firm can build its network and connect more to the target audience.

While writing legal content, these are the first few questions that you should ask yourself-

  • Who are you writing for?
  • Are you addressing your audience’s problem directly on your law firm platform?
  • Are you able to deliver practical value?
  • Are your legal contents able to solve the problems and prompt awareness?
  • Can you ensure that your content is unique and informative?

If you have all the answers to these questions, then you can go ahead and start penning your legal content for law firms. Though some of these legal content writing tips will go a long way for your law firm’s social profile and network building. Additionally, these techniques will refine your content delivery and help law firms to get more cases.

5 Simple Tips For Writing Legal Content

As you know, writing legal content is not an easy task. You need to ensure it is accurate and optimized before publishing such content. However, you can always take help of content marketing service providers to ensure accurate content delivery on time. Any good content writer focuses on the following points while creating content for law firms.

Focus On Target Audience

Writing for your audience is very important thus they have a crystal clear picture of what is your scope of service. You must have a clear picture of who are you writing for. Targeted legal content will deliver accurate results and help you gain the right kind of attention. While framing legal content for your law firm, you must look from your client’s perspective.

Creating a client persona might help you to define legal matters from their perspective. You can also include the attorneys and their areas of expertise or specialization. This will help in ensuring a clear working portfolio and enhance your content strategy.

Categorize According To Relevant Topics

While framing content for your law firm, you need to define the scope of the legal content you plan to publish. This is crucial for content creation, as most law firms are not refined in their delivery. Categorizing the legal content makes it easier for the audience to understand and go through. The audience will know under which section or category they can find the relevant information that addresses their problem.

For example, you can sort your content into these major categories-

  • Criminal Litigation or Defense
  • Civil Litigation
  • Taxation
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Banking & Finance
  • Intellectual Property Rights

You can then focus on these main categories and mention sub-sections in these main categories. Elaborating your main service categories into subsections will help you focus on every topic more specifically. This in return polishes your content delivery strategy and helps your audience screen the service they want to adhere to.

For example, suppose your law firm works with family law, then while writing content on family law, you can sub-categorize as-

  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreement
  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody

Hence, this type of content categorization will land you the right kind of attention, gain more traffic and boost your website’s engagement.

Write Clear & Understandable Content

When you are penning your legal content, you need to focus more on topics that will address the problems of your audience and not just scratch the surface. You should write contents that are easily understandable by the general audience and not for professionals who are adept in everything. Style your content in such a way that balances the legalities as well as designed for interaction.

Great Content” should be informative, accurate, simple, and understandable by all. You should try to refrain from using a lot of legalese unless it’s necessary. You can include genuine insights, information, amendments, practical steps they can take, etc in your content. This way your primary audience will be able to interact and ask you for your assistance.

Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research is very important when you are focusing on gaining more cases and attracting more clients to your law firm’s websites. While writing for your website, your content strategy should focus on keyword inclusion, to pop up in the search results. If you are consistent in using those relevant keywords in your legal content writing, you can gain more traction.

From a technical point of view, if you use the right keywords, then you are likely to appear in the Google search results when those exact words or phrases are used in the search results. Using the relevant keywords will help you to get rank and appear at the top of the search engine results page. You can use various tools or take assistance from content marketing agencies to help you out. They can find out which keywords might help in your content creation and prompt results.

Maintain Timely & Evergreen Content Delivery

After doing proper keyword research, you need to plan your content strategy. You need to write on topics that will fit your service, highlight your law firm as well as address the problems of your audiences. Timely and evergreen content will be a big help to you in this scenario.

A timely content strategy will help you to stay relevant to the current issues, problems, or cases that are going on. When you are already in touch with your digital audience, you can strategize your content in such a way that it highlights or provides insight into recent case laws. This way it will help the audience to know the current news and stories with a legal focus.

On the other hand, evergreen content is penned with a long-term motive. Evergreen topics cover more generalized topics. Most law firms write on generic topics to make informative declarations to the public about the general steps they can take, make them aware of different scenarios, and so on.

General Content Writing Tips

In the above, we have come across various ways to write content for law firms strategically. Here are some generic tips and strategies that you can employ in general while writing content for law forms or any other business or industry.

List Titles

You need to grab the reader’s attention with the titles of your blogs or articles. You need to assign appropriate titles to each of the content that you have listed on your website.

Don’t Oversell Your Blogs

Do not use titles that do not state the exact content of your website. Using such titles only for clickbait will only hamper your engagement in the long run.

Incorporate Keywords

With the keywords that you have researched previously, you need to incorporate them into your titles, content, descriptions, or headings for optimization. Using the right keywords in your website will benefit your SEO rankings too as well as the audience can easily know about you.

Use subheadings

Breaking your content into subsections or points is very beneficial for your website. Wherever possible, when you can categorize your long-form content, do it! This will enhance your readability, help users to understand better, and benefit your SEO.

Break Long Contents Into Paragraphs

Breaking the long content into small paragraphs enhances the readability of your content as well as makes it easy for the users to grab the information. Try to form each paragraph with four to five sentences. Too-long sentences or too-long paragraphs are also harmful to SEO rankings. Users might get frustrated and exit your website. Try to include points and avoid long paragraphs.

Include Various Media To Be Clear

To make your content more interesting and engaging, you can add different imagery, videos, infographics, statistical charts, quotes, etc. This will drive more traffic to your website as well as help you to deliver content that is visually appealing too.

Use Simple Language

Do not use over-complicated language or sentences that might confuse your target audience. Avoid using uncommon words or phrases, or sound intelligent. Be diligent and informative in your tone as well as maintain the professionalism of the content. This might negatively impact your readability too.

Optimize For SEO

Lastly, do not forget that while writing legal content for your law firm website, you need to market it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Content marketing service providers in India or anywhere follow some basic techniques and guidelines while writing any content for websites.

Here is some insight into those tips that would optimize your content for search engines.

Meta Title
The meta title is important for Google to read and rank. You need to include your primary keywords in the meta title so that search engines can match the user’s queries with your content. Any optimized meta title should be around 65 to 70 characters and use an H1 tag for it.

Meta Description
The meta description is a major element of your SEO rankings and optimization. You must write the description in a way that will have the major keyword or phrases. Also, you must ensure to make it readable and understandable. Try to write your meta description within 150 to 160 characters so that it is visible below your title.

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your blogs or articles should contain the exact keyword so that it can be optimized. Do not make the URLs too long; make a simple and easily understandable URL.

Backlinks & Internal Links
You can use internal links or generate backlinks to optimize your rankings for search engines. If you include links to your content or generate backlinks, the credibility of your website increases.

You can distribute your content into subheadings and use secondary keywords in them. Use the H2 To H6 tags in your content to enhance the readability and engagement of your audience.

Image Alt Tags
While including any imagery content, you must use image alt tags for optimizations. The alt tags will let the search engines know about they are about. Additionally, use keywords for alt tags so that search engines can match your image with the search results.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing
Always remember stuffing keywords to obtain ranks in the search engine results page will not do. You need to include keywords in such a way in your content that it looks like they are naturally used not inserted. Using too many keywords with any proper gap will pull down your readability as well as your rankings.


You must ensure that your legal content follows this basic guideline to generate more clients and cases to work on. Though penning legal content might be difficult, there are content marketing agencies available for you to provide assistance and guidance. Focus on promoting your law firm and its specialized service by hiring the content marketing services offered by Esolz Technologies. Doing so can enhance your online presence and brand awareness in the digital world.