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Contact tracing technology is going to combat the spread of Covid-19- But how?

Contact tracing technology is going to combat the spread of Covid-19- But how?

Two of the most popular brands have mingled together to create a new technology Contract Tracing Technology. What is it and how’s it going to fight against this pandemic disease? Check it out.

Covid-19 has created a distraught situation globally, and people are finding ways to confine the spread of this deadly disease. This is why the two most popular brands have teamed- up, to slow down the impact of this pandemic disease.

What is the technology all about?

Since the use of smartphones is quite dominant (thanks to technological evolution), Apple and Google have connected to make the most out of it. They have created a system that will allow users to receive information via Bluetooth if they are in close vicinity with someone who has already been tested positive as a Coronavirus patient. However, this is yet to be available to the public as this tracing technology needs to be endorsed by the public healthcare authorities.

Once this technology is being endorsed, users don’t have to download any app to access this. It will be made available along with the operating systems, for users to access it anytime they wish.

But users shouldn’t worry as any personal information related to the user’s identity or location will never be shared. It’s only going to capture data of nearby phones used by the COVID-19 patients.

Currently, the Governments from all over the world are struggling hard to find ways to progress contact tracing process which is at present labour-intensive. The introduction of such technology will surely give a significant boost to the operational activity of the healthcare system.