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A Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Blockchain Application

A Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Blockchain Application

Blockchain software and technology have made a breakthrough by improving industry standards and enhancing borderless transactions. Its implementation in various industries has reformed the technical way of doing business and other things.

The main benefit of using blockchain technology is to keep all merchants or businesses aware and well–informed in the digital world. The high-end security and effective technology to perform automated business processes have prompted its worldwide application. The blockchain market has projected the most growth in the coming 5 years. So, if you plan to implement blockchain technology in your mobile application, you must continue reading this blog.

This blog is a handbook for industries looking forward to working with blockchain technology in personalizing their business processes.

Let’s learn about this popular and effective technology and how to inculcate blockchain technology in building enterprise applications.

Blockchain Technology- A Quick Peek

Blockchain is a technology that acts as a digital recorder of transactions. It broadcasts copies distributed among a network of computers (nodes) connected to the blockchain. Each node in a block consists of several new transactions that are collected into a block. Each time a new transaction is added, a record of information about that transaction is found and added to every participant’s blockchain.

Benefits Of Building A Blockchain Application

These few benefits have prompted business owners to inculcate blockchain technology in their approach. Some of the major benefits of using blockchain technology for mobile application development are as below-

Public Verification

Any user on the blockchain network can check if the system is working correctly or not. Moreover, the public verification functionality of the blockchain system enables users (verifiers) to confirm each transaction and to check who are its peers.


The network of users on the blockchain can verify all the information and transactions that are happening. Multiple users at the same time can access the data at the same time. This technology focuses on the transparency of records but not all participants on the blockchain network have access. Despite this, a copy of each transaction is stored on each device.


One of the biggest advantages of the blockchain system is that though it maintains a high level of transparency, not all participants on the blockchain network have access to the blocks. Though it is a decentralized system, the interaction between the network members is anonymous.

Decentralized System

The blockchain system follows a decentralized system where all transactions are done with the mutual consensus of users. Thereby, this feature results in seamless, safe, and quick transactions in real-time.

High- Security

Using blockchain technology majorly benefits businesses by maintaining immutable records of transactions. Moreover, without a digital signature, no individual can corrupt or change the other user’s data. Additionally, the block-based security system ensures that all transactions, messages, and exchanges are safe and secure.

The growing popularity of blockchain technology has made business owners, and enterprises find opportunities to integrate blockchain into their business processes. But first, you need to understand the comprehensive process of blockchain application development minutely.

6 Steps To Develop A Blockchain Application

Blockchain solutions can revolutionize your businesses through their secure, effective, and faster transactions and maintaining records. It is a type of shared digital ledger that prevents any data modification by third parties. Its proven benefits of using an innovative transaction system have become an asset for enterprises in the digital market. Therefore, prompting business owners to build blockchain applications. Let’s learn what you need to learn and know while taking this step forward as well as elevating your business processes through blockchain solutions.

This step-by-step guide to blockchain application development will help you to implement its effective, secure, and faster transactions in changing your business dynamics.

Evaluate Your Need For Blockchain

When you first start developing a blockchain application, you first need to understand whether or not you need it. Though blockchain solutions are gaining popularity in the market, you need to first evaluate and clarify whether you can perform all your tasks without them or not.

Check whether any alternative tool or plugin can assist your business operation. If not then go for blockchain application development. It is because investing in blockchain technology without any clear purpose can backfire. You can lose your money, time, and goodwill in the market.

If you have the answer to all these questions, then you have a green light to go ahead with your blockchain application development-

  • What real need does your blockchain app have?
  • How can you move forward with this blockchain application?
  • What is your end goal or final business objective?
  • How can you measure the progress of your business operations using blockchain?
  • How can you measure the success of your blockchain application?

Formalize your idea and sort out your business specifics. Consider all the problems you are facing and how employing blockchain technology can be eliminated. Though it is a complicated task to analyze, you can always seek professional help. You can go for any high-end mobile app development company like Esolz Technologies to make this assessment and offer you the best solution aligned with your business needs.

Identify The Need For Your Blockchain App Development

Carefully analyze your existing market and its flow, and then reach a solution. Evaluate the market gaps and then you can find your niche. You have to bring something new to the market otherwise offering the same job won’t help your business. You need to state how your blockchain application development can elevate the business process or it can step up the same job.

Choose Blockchain Development Tech Stack

There are numerous platforms that you may consider while developing your blockchain application. The biggest challenge for you is to select the most appropriate one that will amplify your operations and align with your business needs. Whatever blockchain platform you are choosing, you need to remember that it will influence your business processes and support the following phases.


  • It is one of the most popular and oldest platforms for developing a blockchain application since 2012.
  • It is an open-source public blockchain based on a decentralized and proof-of-work algorithm.
  • This platform supports smart contracts, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading, and powerful security mechanisms.
  • Using this platform has a major drawback, that the transaction cost is very high.
  • This platform is most suitable for large-scale projects.


  • Solana is a public blockchain platform that was launched in the year 2019.
  • It is a very young platform that has ups and downs. It is a considerate choice to build DeFi and blockchain applications with a different set of complexities. One of the most important downgrades of this platform in 2021, was because of transaction latency.
  • It crashed due to the high frequency of transactions.


  • Cardano is also a public blockchain platform that was founded in the year 2015 but initially released in the market in the year 2017.
  • It is an open-source platform with a decentralized system offering user-to-user transactions with its interbank cryptocurrency.
  • This platform was founded just two years after the launch of Ethereum (more or less).

Hyperledger Fabric

  • Hyperledger Fabric is also an open-source blockchain platform that is most suitable for enterprise-level applications.
  • It allows maximum flexibility and resilience of the blockchain applications as it is built on a modular architecture.
  • It supports distributed ledger solutions on a blockchain network where all the user’s identities are authorized and known.
  • This platform helps in the smooth exchange of data within the company using smart contracts.

R3 Corda

  • This platform focuses on creating blockchains that can easily integrate with legacy systems.
  • It primarily elevates industries related to trade, commerce, finance, healthcare, and supply chain.


  • It follows an open-source code with a decentralized protocol for the easy transfer of digital currency to fiat money.
  • Its payment technology supports cross-border transactions at a low cost.
  • This platform is a distributed ledger network that facilitates cross-platform asset transfers.
  • This blockchain is most suitable for recording financial transactions, SCP( Stellar Consensus Protocol) maintains consensus without relying on a closed system.


  • Ripple is a platform that allows faster transactions (five transactions per second) across the globe.
  • It is a great choice for businesses that need an easy transfer of money, as this platform can easily connect to banks and payment providers to facilitate the easy movement of funds anywhere.

Work In Progress (Blockchain Application Development Stage)

Once you are done choosing your platform and have found your niche, you can begin the development process. The development process depends on numerous factors and requires a lot of decision-making.

You can take expert help from mobile app development service providers that can bring fresh marketing ideas to develop your blockchain application. Some of the parameters that you need to consider while developing are-

  • The programming language you want to use in your development project
  • The type of principles you want to focus on in your blockchain application
  • The type of transactions, iterations, and interactions that you need on the blockchain network
  • Have a clear idea of the consensus mechanism

The overall development process starts with figuring out the infrastructure of the blockchain application and working on the details of the application. You need to figure out what kind of frameworks, libraries, operating systems, communication protocols, payment gateways, and other iterations you need in your blockchain application.

The initial development phase starts with all these minute details and then it moves forth with the complexities of the design. You then need to sort out what kind of UI elements, APIs, backend, features, etc, you need and how much is your investment budget in this arena. After all, these are complete, and it works perfectly, your blockchain application is now ready to be deployed.

Deployment & Tracking

After the successful development of your blockchain application, you can now move on to the deployment of your application. After the development phase is completed, your app is now ready to be showcased on the digital platform.

Remember, you need to check whether or not your application complies with all the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of the App Store or Google Play Store. You can easily track its performance, analyze all the data and check the user analytics. This way you can keep a close on your blockchain application’s performance and its success.

Maintenance & Support

Your work does not end even after the successful deployment of the blockchain app. You need to update the frameworks, libraries, security, and operating systems – to maintain the smooth performance of your application.

You also need to stay ahead of the market curve and stay afloat by implementing new features and functionalities. This will automatically in turn improve your blockchain app’s overall performance, enhance user experience and boost your user engagement.


Blockchain technology has made a huge impact on all industries and business sectors with its powerful system. The unlimited benefits and functionalities that the blockchain network offers new possibilities for business heads.

Recent studies and statistics have shown that blockchain application development shows great promise in the ambitious delivery of products and services to the user’s devices as well as exceptional profits. So you can leverage the power of blockchain technology if your business demands it.