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Apple watch soon to be sparked up with MicroLED displays

By the end of 2020 you will find MicroLED screens on your Apple Watch for the first time.

Apple always focuses on establishing something unique and that is what makes their product so special and expensive too. Currently the company is trying to instigate microLED screens on its Watch.

Till date the company is using the OLED panel which is manufactured by LG Company and hopefully will continue using it till the year 2020 since by the end of the following year it has a plan to introduce its own MIcroLED screen.

part from Apple Watch, the company also has a plan in future to introduce microLED in iPhones as well.

So how this microLED is going to help your gizmo?

Such kind of change is expected to improve the battery life of your gadget and don’t forget microLED boards will be more effective and efficient compared to OLED.

Anyhow, further information can be given only after it is released in the market. As anytime soon it is not going to be released and till then you all have to wait.