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Apple Music vs. Spotify. Which is more popular?

Apple Music vs. Spotify. Which is more popular?

Apple Music vs Spotify, both are equally famous for offering streaming digital music giving ingress to millions of songs. But who is more popular between the two?

Currently, Apple is having 60 million subscribers and Spotify has over 100 million subscribers. However, Apple Demands to have more paid customers than what Spotify the U.S Company has. Undoubtedly both the companies are doing very well but the question that arises who is delivering better service?

Well, if you ask me then my vote will go to Apple Music. Let me explain it to you why?

What makes the difference?

There is one particular thing that Apple has but is missing with Spotify and that marks the difference between them.

Initially, Apple concentrated more on iTunes and charged you for downloading music but actually was not inclined towards earning profit. Whereas, Spotify from the very beginning offering access to millions of songs for free.

No wonder people preferred listening to free music rather than paying for it. This is the reason what made Spotify more famous than Apple Music. There is also a paid version of Spotify called Spotify Premium for you to get ad-free high-quality video.

At present both the companies are offering monthly plan charging $9.99 and a family plan charging $14.99. Although both are having different interfaces but still has similar abilities like storing the music for heeding offline, creating a new playlist and discovering new music further creating different stations automatically based on the genre of the song you prefer to listen.

So, it’s quite hard to discover the best one among them. But one problem sticks to the free version of Spotify. Since it is supported by advertisements, it puts a limitation on skipping the ads even if you don’t feel like listening to it. This is the reason why many of us prefer using Apple Music than Spotify. You don’t have the ad problem here.

All about music library

Whatever songs you purchase on iTunes is all yours and can be synced automatically to iCloud and moreover it provides the highest quality music which can be played on any Apple device. Spotify also allows you to add music to the library but somewhere it is still unwieldy and music cannot be played spontaneously. You need to download the music from the desktop and again upload the songs on the music library, ensuring using the same network for connecting the desktop and the phone for smoothly loading the songs and finally creating the playlist.

Where Apple gives cloud platform to store the music Spotify is storing on your device locally. Once you purchase any song in Apple Music it is all yours. All you need to do is purchase the song from iTunes. Many like the idea of purchasing it actually. However, some prefer to go for monthly subscription others don’t want it at all and this preference makes all the difference.