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Apple is gearing up to enter the world of 5G network

Apple is gearing up to enter the world of 5G network

The next generation of the cellular network is soon to be launched and the smartphone industry is busy manufacturing 5G compatible mobile phone. Apple is all set to control the 5G network brilliantly.

The prices of Apple gadgets are quite high compared to other product- I do agree to it but there is always a reason behind that. Apple always tries to manufacture something extraordinary that too with greater perfection which automatically increases its credibility. This is the reason why the craze of Apple gadgets is more than any other products of the same kind.

When the world is looking forward for 5G network and the smartphone industries are busy manufacturing 5G enabled devices Apple is busy purchasing Intel’s cellular modem job. There has been a business deal of $1 billion.

This deal will enable Apple to control the smartphone device from inside and to customize it according to the need. However Intel will continue its work of developing modems but this time for other devices apart from smartphones like- PCs, IoT, driverless vehicles.

Because of the immense popularity of Qualcomm modem, Intel couldn’t stand anywhere near to it. But this deal has served as a pain reliever for Intel. Also, since Intel has already invested so much for designing customized modules and other industrial processes for its products, Apple benefited a lot because of this. This facilitates Apple to come out with several new features like face unlock, advanced augmented reality and so on.

All this while the company has been installing modem purchased from outside but purchasing Intel’s modem division will enable them to make their own processors and modems. This will not only be cost-effective but in future, Apple will be able to come out with other interesting features.

Although the first set of 5G enabled iPhones released by the company will be powered by Qualcomm and till date they were the supplier. But in the next few years, Intel will be replacing Qualcomm modem and the company hopes in the next few years Intel modem will challenge Qualcomm modem.