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Amazon’s voice assistant might have a robotic body soon

Amazon’s voice assistant might have a robotic body soon

No wonder it is learning new skills every day and now it’s time for a body.

Undoubtedly, the voice assistants have a long way to go and very cleverly it is learning new skills over time. Thanks to the AI for working hard to improve their skills. Now, the head scientist of Amazon’s Alexa division Rohit Prasad thinks, for understanding the human being and their demands they need to have a body as well.

Such a kind of concept is not new at all. Last year only Amazon started working on a robot that was specially designed to be used around the house. At the EmTech Digital A.I conference that was held by MIT Technology in San Francisco Rohit Prasad visualized Alexa to learn things like a human mind and that is only possible by giving it eyes that can help it to explore the globe. For it to happen Alexa needs a physical presence.

One thing you must know, we are already close to such an idea, then you could think of. Already some devices of Alexa includes a camera that can be accessed by A.I. Thus, eyes already exist and the body will be another extension of the device. Possibilities of Alexa gaining a body can be any time soon. Although nothing has been confirmed by the company till now.

The chief scientist of Alexa closely visions that, if Alexa gets a body then collecting more data from everywhere around the globe will be possible. So, understanding human interaction with the world and in turn to get a better understanding on how to interact with human beings and answer their queries Alexa needs a body. Thus, we can expect Alexa to perform more complex tasks just like human brains.

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