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Alooma is the new face of Google’s Cloud platform

Alooma is the new face of Google’s Cloud platform

Very recently Google has acquired Alooma for easing customer’s data migration process to cloud.

With the increasing volume of data every day, especially in case of any business, it has become necessary to store those data in a secured place, where chances of hacking or missing data are very less. There cannot be anymore secured place to store data than a cloud platform.

Keeping in mind about the difficulties faced by customers while transferring their data, Google has acquired Alooma very recently, with the purpose of making the data migration process easier. The software within Alooma helps in transferring data from its original sources like purchase database or sales database to other data warehouses for further analysis of the data.

More about the purpose: Google has a future plan of using Alooma a tool which will be used for migrating information of all kind into Google Cloud. By using such an easy migration path, will also offer the customers with other technological benefits like- data analysis, security, AI and machine learning.

Since in modern world data is considered to be the engine of any business, protecting the data for further analysis is very important. Google by acquiring this new tool will hasten the growth of any business faster than what they have currently. Thus, they will be giving a tough competition to its competitors like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

The fact that migration of any data from one place to another is quite a lengthy process, not only that, sometimes it is very difficult to do it as well. Hopefully, Google’s new developments will make it easier for every business personnel, as they are constantly looking forward to easier and faster data migration process keeping the confidentiality intact, thus preventing the hackers from getting any kind of information.

Thus, we see, the introduction of such kind of new technologies can help any business to achieve success without getting into many complications and by perfectly analyzing their data.