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Air Conditioners might soon be used for reducing air pollution

Air Conditioners might soon be used for reducing air pollution

According to the researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, air conditioners might be used to fight against global climate change

We use Air conditioners for cooling down the air surrounding us but it is these air conditioners that consume the maximum energy and in turn, raises the global temperature. But, what is unknown is that these units can also be used as a device for fighting against global warming.

According to the researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, it is possible by the air conditioning devices to capture carbon-di-oxide and then convert it into fuel.

But how is this possible? Yes, it is possible. According to the researchers if the Carbon-capture technologies that are currently developed by companies like Climeworks are used while manufacturing the Air conditioning devices then they will be able to capture carbon-di-oxide and water from the air. Once it is collected, the device will be able to convert it into renewable Hydrocarbon fuels, even synthetic oil wells can be created locally and attached with the system that is used in buildings and offices.

To start with it the researchers are claiming to convert all the Ac’s of Fair Tower office building in Frankfurt, Germany for capturing thousand tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every hour. Of course, this is speculation, completely based on theories and it is dependent on various technologies. Before such ideas turn into reality they need to overcome several hurdles.

Researchers are findings way to solve the problem of Global warming through Air Conditioners. By using carbon capture technology while manufacturing Air conditioners can help to capture Carbon-di-oxide and water from air which in turn can create renewable hydrocarbon fuels. It is just a speculation based on theories but its reality might turn out to be different.