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Advertisement in WhatsApp shouldn’t blow your mind in future

Advertisement in WhatsApp shouldn’t blow your mind in future

From teenagers to grown-ups, WhatsApp has been successful in grabbing everybody’s attention where they continue to chit-chat with their friends and family members, make video calls and share relevant information without any interruption or fear of peril. Don’t get worried if WhatsApp becomes just another platform for advertisers as well.

The growing popularity of WhatsApp has been pushing Facebook to turn it to a more profitable venture. Facebook is currently making plans to push advertisement on WhatsApp status in the form of stories.

Advertisement in WhatsApp status has been in the mind of Facebook for quite a long time. Now, the company is actively working to make it a success. The company has a plan to establish target advertising on this messaging platform, by matching the phone numbers of both Facebook and WhatsApp account to determine the ad content.

Although still, it is a controversial stage because some executive feels that it might lead users to delete their Facebook accounts or it might even violate law leading to mistrust.

Of course, nothing is going to happen any time soon, but Facebook is giving a clear indication to come up with advertisement on the status of this encrypted messaging app. So, in future, if you come across any advertisement on WhatsApp it shouldn’t irk you.