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A Comprehensive Discussion On The Discovery Phase Of App Development:-

The discovery phase of the app development process is vital for the success of your mobile app. In simple terms, the app discovery phase is where you put down your idea of developing an app on paper.

In the app discovery phase, you basically plan how your mobile app will look and consider your business objectives and user expectations. You define all the important requirements and estimate the cost of app development.

Let’s elaborately discuss what one should consider in the discovery phase research


Opportunity Analysis 

Developing an app that can define the opportunities that exist between future technological possibilities and current scenarios of the market, can turn out to be useful, usable, and desirable.

For example, if an app is created for improving the internal productivity of a company, if the app is not beneficial to the employees, the app will not be that useful.

The more any app developer will focus on defining the opportunities, the better success he will have at creating the right applications. This process is called customer development and it involves reducing business risks by challenging assumptions about customers.

An application developer should follow the following questions for defining the opportunity:

  • What problem will the app solve
  • What will be the target market 
  • What is the opportunity right now and how big it is?
  • How is your target market addressing the problem currently?
  • What features are important for success?
  • What makes you best suited for doing this?

Competitive Analysis

After defining the problem your app will address, it is important to learn about the available solutions. These alternatives will be your competition if you want to sell an app externally. You need to identify what unique value your app will bring.

You can simply look for products using relevant keywords which describe the functionality of interest on search engines. Find and download apps that are relevant and check their strengths and weaknesses. Reading customer reviews will also offer you potential gaps in functionality that can be opportunities for you. The app developer can make use of this market intelligence for determining how to differentiate.

Requirement gathering

Requirement gathering is very important for deciding what features and functionalities you want to add to your mobile app. You should consider the needs and expectations of your user while choosing your app features. This will create a user-centric mobile application thus increasing the chances of the app’s survival.


Wireframing is another important step in mobile application discovery. It will help you design a visual layout of the app project and determine what specifications you can achieve by that layout and UX.

UI Prototyping

UI prototyping is very important and it helps mobile application developers to visualize the end product via graphic designs which will empower target users to experience the in-app flow.


After gathering information on the user’s needs and business opportunities, you can start a discovery workshop with your app development partner.

Discovery Workshop Goals

The main aim of the discovery workshop is to collate our technical expertise with the user and market knowledge in order to analyze the opportunity from each and every angle. At the end of the discovery phase, it is important to visualize the entire scope of the application and how it will create real value for users.

Discovery Workshop Methods

There are many ways for defining your MVP but you can use a method called user story mapping for finding the needs of the users and make sure that the various use case scenarios could line up with the application objectives. You can surface the minimum requirements of an app by clearly describing who your users are and how they will utilize your application.

This user-centric approach will help you to take some major technical decisions such as starting platform, device form factor, and analytics. App analytics is important for defining success from the beginning of your project.

Discover Workshop Output

After defining the MVP, app designers spend time developing sketches and wireframes for visualizing the user experience. These wireframes can also be used for getting external feedback. The wireframes can be turned into visual prototypes before coding that can enable user testing and feedback.

Final Thoughts

The Discovery phase is very important and it provides benefits in the form of quality analysis, tangible outcomes, strategic points of growth as well as systemic approach and communication. A great discovery phase will help you to understand your user base and you can clearly understand what will create real value for them. Reach out to the best app development company in India for the best possible guidance.