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9 Different Types of Digital Marketing Agency

9 Different Types of Digital Marketing Agency

Unless you start attracting clients to your online business, boosting sales can be challenging. But attracting traffic is also not that easy as you need to invest your patience, time, and money. In short, you need to put all your efforts in and keep your business running and growing.

However, you can always keep that extra load of marketing away by outsourcing the task of digital marketing to a reputed digital marketing agency.

The advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency are endless. This will not only help you in shaping your brand image but also help in creating global awareness. However, there are several categories of digital marketing agencies.

So, keeping your customer avatar and the business objectives in mind, you must approach the best digital marketing agency in India, like Esolz Technologies, to ensure the success of your online business.

Types of Digital Marketing Agency You Must Know

In this blog, we have enlisted 9 types of digital marketing agencies along with their specialties. Find them below.

Social Media Marketing Agency

The social media marketing agency itself is pretty self-explanatory about what they specialize in. Social Media marketing agencies focus on promoting your brand and business on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A social media marketing agency connects the website with the platforms to broaden user engagement and improve brand outreach, thereby driving more traffic. They also help you in building content, manage your social handles, and take note of all the marketing analytics, to grow the business as a whole.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

Any SEO agency is hired to boost website ranking by following all the standards and algorithms. They have a very defined purpose of checking every bit of your website’s performance along with digital content that is published both on-page and off-page.

Content Marketing Service Providers

A content marketing agency specializes in developing effective, strategic, and influencing content that is to be delivered across all platforms (including social media) to sway the targeted audience. An entire team of experienced experts with a creative outlook is involved for this purpose. They are responsible for delivering quality, relevant, precise content to your potential customers.

Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer marketing service providers are specialized services offered by the influencers who influence their followers and audience to try a brand, product, or service. It is hugely seen on Instagram and Facebook, where influencers collaborate with brands with a paid partnership to increase their popularity – putting an effective use of word-of-mouth marketing channels. This marketing channel needs deep knowledge and awareness backing, as the whole digital marketing model is sustained on word of mouth.

Email Marketing Companies

Email marketing companies specialize in the conversion of the audience by segmenting their target audience with a direct advertising channel through emails. Email marketing is a very age-old digital marketing practice that can be done with a minimum budget and is still in effect. Email marketing agencies specialize in driving traffic to any content, web page, etc, by emailing them with exciting offers, coupons, discounts, and so on.

PPC Advertising Agency

Pay-Per-Click advertising agencies specialize in advertising your website/application on a budget through paid ad runs and campaigns. It speeds up the process and efficiency of your digital outreach with a more focused audience grip. It reduces the workload too. They devise strategies and programs ensured with best practices to generate quality leads.

Mobile App Marketing Agency

Mobile App has become an integral part of our daily life because of the rich features and functions offered by the mobile app. So, if you want your users to stay updated with your products and services you need a mobile app.

However, having a mobile app won’t be of much help if you don’t know how to promote the app and stay ahead of your competitors. So, hiring a mobile app marketing agency can ease the task of promoting the mobile app, generating more ROI. In fact, it’s better to get in touch with a mobile marketing agency during the app development phase so that your customers are well-aware of the app even before the app is launched.

Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management service providers specialize in handling, controlling, and managing your brand reputation and public relations. These types of agencies divert their resources in marketing the brand in such a way that the brand has a positive image in the digital market space. They are an expert team driving the narrative of your brand’s public image and business value.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing services are a very popularized form of marketing channel where brands are using different channels and programs to promote their product/service. It is now one of the most broadly used marketing forms where paid partnership, collaborations, and sending the product to the publishers to endorse that product or service. Different agencies include affiliate models and programs to optimize the results.


Every digital marketing agency executes the best strategy to promote a brand, business, or product/service to the best of its abilities. However, a mix of each element of digital marketing can score you the best leads, higher conversion rates, and boost the brand value. So go for the best marketing agency in India, like Esolz, and meet your business goals with the most effective digital marketing strategy.