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8 Magento Website Development Tips To Develop a Powerful Website

Magento is the best-known SEO-friendly e-commerce platform for creating amazing feature-rich websites for both small and large businesses. It is an open-source platform and it is free and that is why small and start-up business owners can easily afford it. With Magento, you can easily get a robust and responsive online store for selling products and services and millions of companies are using Magento for building their online e-commerce stores. They are highly benefited from it. Famous enterprises like Samsung, Nike, and Men’s Health had developed their websites using Magento.

Hence there is absolutely no doubt that Magento is the most powerful CMS platform for e-commerce stores. One needs to have technical knowledge and experience for building a Magento website. That is why the best option is to reach out to a reputed Magento website development company providing top-quality Magento e-commerce website development services in India for building a Magento website for your business.

But before giving the entire responsibility to them, it will be better to translate your ideas and vision to the hired company and ask them to do the same. So here we are providing some tips following which you can develop a perfect Magento website.

Some Effective Tips for Magento Website Development

1) It will be better to use a unique domain name and hosting
Always use unique and catchy domain names, this is because unique domain names support SEO tools for marketing. Selecting the domain name is one of the main tasks and after purchasing the domain name, the next important thing to do is to search for a Magento Hosting Provider. There are many hosting providers available in the market but before hiring it is very essential to compare their services and prices with others and you should also read reviews about them.

2) Choosing the right theme is very important
Selecting the right theme for your Magento website is very important. There are many modern Magento themes available that provide stunning UIs for e-commerce stores. It will be better to search for a responsive and cross-browser compatible Magento theme. There are thousands of Magento themes available both free and paid and you can select the right one which suits your business type and Industry. But before making the right decision, you will need to compare a few of them. Magento offers the latest and suitable themes for every kind of business.

3) Customize your design
After choosing the appropriate template and theme, the next important thing is to design your website matching your brand’s fonts and colors. Your e-commerce website design should provide the best experience to your users. The navigation of the website should be smooth and easy. So before designing put yourself in the shoes of your users and design an amazing and user-friendly e-commerce website with Magento. Design an informative product description and make the procedure for purchasing easier for the buyers.

4) Provide exceptional user experience
It is very important to provide an amazing user experience to the shoppers visiting your e-commerce store for purchasing. So you need to plan your e-commerce website accordingly. Make sure that your e-commerce website is easy to navigate and use and the products should be properly arranged so that users can add them to the cart easily and complete the purchase. Therefore develop your Magento store in such a way that you have a lower cart abandonment rate and higher sales rate.

5) Properly define shipping methods and Payment Gateways
Magento provides you the opportunity to add various shipping methods and payment gateways to your e-commerce store. You can either pick simple shipping options or multiple shipping options for your e-commerce store and set the rates accordingly. Magento allows you to minimize your order amount and maximize benefits. Website owners can easily select from some best-known payment gateways like Paypal, Amazon, and others.

6) Configure your e-commerce store functionality
After designing your website, it is very important to add appropriate features to the site. Before hiring the best Magento website development company, you should properly think of the features that you will need in your website and translate it to them later. You should select the best extensions available at the marketplace for your Magento store. There are several Magento paid as well as free extensions, but before making the right choice you should understand the features and functionality.

You will find multiple extensions for adding payment gateways and make sure to customize the way products will be displayed on the website. You should also improve order management and include social networks in your e-commerce store.

7) Provide a simple checkout process
The checkout process in an e-commerce website is very essential for allowing customers to complete their purchases. Therefore in the case of your Magento website, always create a one-step check-out option which will save a lot of time for the shoppers. It is a fact that 90% of customers who visit any e-commerce site expect to complete the buying process without wasting any time. If your e-commerce website has a very complex checkout process, then customers will abandon your website without making the purchase. So always make sure to incorporate a simple and secure checkout process for your e-commerce store.

8)Test properly before launching your e-commerce store
Before launching your e-commerce website, it is important to check all the parameters properly. Check whether there is any conflict between extensions installed. Also, make sure to check whether the website works properly on all browsers and mobile devices. Also, check the speed of the e-commerce website properly.

Finally, we can say that choosing the Magento platform for developing your online e-commerce store is a good decision. Magento provides all the opportunities for creating amazing e-commerce websites. You can develop a better e-commerce website by knowing about Magento and its features in detail and also following these vital tips for Magento website development.