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7 Strategies To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

7 Strategies To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

“Google my Business( GMB) profile is the best digital help that Google offers for establishing businesses and brands online in seconds.”

Google Business Profile (GBP) listings put your local brand and business on the online map which further helps your target consumers to find you easily. Studies show that businesses are found online in an average of 1000 searches per month.

This data reveals how GMB has turned out into an important marketing platform. GBP speeds up the process of conversion from enthusiastic searchers to loyal customers. Google offers various features, tools, and analytical support to all business heads – helping out and providing extra support for business needs like optimizing websites, ranking them, increasing their visibility, etc.

Google’s ranking algorithm is one of the most crucial parts of local ranking that will help the search intent overlap your business on the search engine. Several ranking factors determine the hierarchy of ranks- like the use of relevant keywords, customer reviews, pop-ups, other digital marketing strategies, etc.

Now it’s time to create better local search strategies with the Google Local Listing (GLL) services in India to enjoy the best that the GMB listing has to offer. Let’s get into the well-explained pointers to know how the GMB profile assists entrepreneurs and business owners to stay ahead of the competition.

Best Tips To Improve Your GMB Page

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool powered by Google. It helps businesses to thrive exponentially in the digital sphere. You can optimize your online presence through GMB through the following given strategies-

Complete Display of Key Information

On your Google My Business profile, you need to put all the relevant information so that it is prominently displayed on the local search results panel. This helps the visitors to know all about you no matter where they are. Some of the relevant information that you need to enter in the Google My Business profile is-

  • Name of your business, brand, organization, etc
  • The contact information like phone number, email address, support, etc.
  • Business location and address (including other branches too)
  • Operating hours (like the exact open time and close time)
  • Categories of business

This platform helps your business to be on the network with just a click away.

Update & Post Periodically

You need to regularly or periodically update all the key information on your Google My Business profile through the Google My Business Dashboard. Updating your GMB profile only optimizes it. For example, does your store have stairs or elevators, does it have a parking lot, etc?

Your Google My Business profile should have periodic announcements including social media posts, general announcements, seasonal offers, discounts, coupons, and so on.
You should always keep all these points in mind while posting any kind of announcement-

  • Your posts should be consistent like twice a week, every week, etc.
  • Always align your digital marketing campaigns with your posts.
  • Ensure that all your posts include CTA buttons, website links, hyperlinks, etc.

All these will gain traction and direct the audience to your business page.

Ensure Display of GMB Listing on Google Maps

Your Google My Business profile must be on Google Maps. Studies have shown that more than 25% of the business views are through Maps in the United States. Your GMB listing/listings are automatically added to Google Maps so that potential customers can search your business easily. Additionally, it helps the potential customers to know accurately where you are, how far you are, what type of surroundings it is, transportation, how much time it will take to reach you, etc.

Verify Your Business Listings

After ensuring that your Google My Business profile is on Google Maps, you need to verify all your business listings. Verification of your business listings automatically makes your organization more authentic among competitors.  Thereby boosting your chances of appearing on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Usually, Google requests verification during account creation and even during the addition of any critical information.

Add High-Quality Images with your GMB Profile

Your Google My Business must include high-quality images to make your business more visually appealing. Your business listings with images of your offered products/services will drive more clicks and boost engagement. Studies have shown that more than 35% of the traffic is derived from photos supporting your business listings. They are significantly useful for local businesses – by creating a brand name, establishing trust, and making them more legitimate as well as authentic to local searchers.

Generate & Respond to Google Reviews

There is no better approach than customer testimonials to verify your business’s authenticity. Studies show that more than 90% of people read reviews and ratings. They check customer feedback on the Internet before engaging with that brand/business.

Google is very much aware of the fact that feedback is one of the most influential factors in making a purchase decision. Though reviews can both be positive and negative- there is no better way of advertising your business on the internet.

Keep a Q&A Section

The Google My Business profile has the tool which invites everyone and anyone (business owners, general community, consumers, etc) to submit questions about your business listings. This can also be answered by anyone or everyone. Do try to answer these questions and avoid other parties to answer them. This way the information will be accurate. Additionally, it will help you to optimize your rank on the search engines.

Pro tip:

You can get your business guaranteed with Google Guaranteed as an added step. Getting this badge will help you gain customers’ trust and provide extra credibility to your business. Though it is not a free opportunity, it fosters authenticity.


Optimizing your digital marketing strategies along with your Google My Business profile is also crucial. Staying ahead of the curve is very important. GMB listings add that competitive edge to your business in the era of the Internet. There are many local business listing agencies in India like Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd that have automated marketing campaigns, optimizing all these strategies at their best.