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6 Tips For Increasing eCommerce Sales On Your Website

The main goal of every business is to earn by selling something. Most business owners are aware of the sales they need to make to accomplish their target, but many of them are not aware of how to boost the eCommerce sales.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs start their online stores thinking that it is easy to sell products online by simply letting people know about their store through advertisements. But it is not that easy to promote your products and services to get a good amount of revenue in return.

Despite having amazing and unique products of extremely high quality, a businessman should learn some additional tricks for getting higher revenues, better conversions, and market recognition.

But how?

Don’t worry! Being the best eCommerce website development company in India, we are here to guide you in the best possible way.

Let’s check out the key areas we need to target to improve eCommerce sales of your website.

1) Site Navigation is Very Important

Site navigation is a vital thing for a website. It is very important that you design your site in such a way so that customers can find something which they want in the shortest time possible. Then there are chances that they will more often visit your site and buy essential products.

Always see your website from the perspective of a customer and check whether the site navigation is smooth or not. You can ask your friend and family also to check what type of user experience your website offers. If there are problems, immediately make improvements because user experience plays a major role in the growth of any online business. Improvements that you will make to your site navigation will have an impact on the user experience and your business objectives.

2) Site Speed

Site speed can have a dramatic effect on the user experience. This is because the online customer having more options than ever before is very impatient. Recent research states that more than 40% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you keep a customer waiting for long, he may leave your website without making a purchase. Make sure that your eCommerce website is super fast.

3) Product Copy And Product Images

Attractive product copy and images play a major role in increasing sales on an e-commerce website. Clear product images are very important where the customer is purchasing from the laptop or the mobile and they are unable to touch the thing they are purchasing like they do in a physical store.

Always upload high-quality, clear images on your site which will give them the confidence to buy the product. You can also upload multiple photos of the same product having zoom capability and 360-degree rotations for better viewing.

Also, try hiring a professional content marketing agency who can write an engaging product description for your customers, and make them think that they cannot live without it. Better images and more compelling product descriptions is sure to improve your e-commerce sales.

4) Free Shipping

Shipping charge is a major issue in completing an online purchase for most customers as these shipping charges often appear as an added cost at the end of the purchase process. This extra charge can often spoil the pleasure of shopping from home.
Trying to avoid levying shipping charges to increase your conversion rate.

5) Seeking Reviews

In this digital era, most people trust online reviews rather than personal recommendations. So you should start asking for reviews and make it a part of your process.

It is important that you set up automated emails after shipping to get the feedback and reviews of your customers. You can ask your customers to share reviews on your website and other social networking platforms. So that when a new customer comes to your website he will be influenced by seeing the reviews and there are chances that he will make a purchase. Hence customer feedback in turn will indeed increase your conversion rate.

6) Display Security Badges

The primary concern for any online customer is security. They check whether they are purchasing from a secure website, whether there will be any problem if they enter their credit card and debit card details on your website.

You can easily alleviate all these concerns of your customer by displaying the security badge provided to you by your online merchant and make it visible throughout the check-out process.

Final Thoughts,

Finally, we can say that there are many ways to increase e-commerce sales. You can also follow the tips provided by us. However to achieve even better results you can reach out to our experts directly. We will be happy to assist you.