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6 Verified PPC Strategies For Your E-Commerce Website

6 Verified PPC Strategies For Your E-Commerce Website

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a popular digital marketing font that helps businesses improve their brand visibility with paid ads. Therefore, enterprises and online businesses must run a successful PPC campaign for growth and revenue generation. It is even more important to figure out what works best for your online business, which strategies are best suited, and all under your budget.

PPC campaigns have a broader implication and provide the fastest results. Let’s know more about how some common and proven PPC strategies can make a huge difference in your online business.

Multiple PPC strategies provide great results in a short amount of time. Some of the most common, effective, and verified PPC strategies are listed for you that you can follow to improve brand visibility and boost conversion.

6 Effective PPC Strategies To Implement For Your Website

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategies prompt quick delivery of results that makes your online business/brand attract more traction in a short period. As we know that PPC is a huge area that needs digital marketing experts’ eyes to implement in the market space.

The listed below PPC strategies will come in handy for you to understand how to employ them effectively and what points you need to keep in mind while doing so. These verified PPC strategies for e-commerce websites are a comprehensive checklist that improves your traffic inflow and boosts conversions.

Update Product Pages

Always ensure that your business product pages are updated and up to date. Users spend most of their time on product pages, so you must keep these in mind. Your product page should always be optimized with effective content, good product photography, clean positioning of the products, and uncluttered navigation.

You can also add some benefits of the product in the product description, and other points that will add value to your product like fast shipping, free shipping, cash on delivery, a review section for the product, and so on. All these will improve your conversion rate and highlight your brand online through the PPC campaigns.

Optimize Product Pages

Your target audiences spend a considerable time on your website. So, it is important to optimize your product pages. You can start by writing optimized titles, product descriptions, title tags and so on that will also include the keywords.

Including keywords is one of the most important parts of PPC strategies because they enhance user search. The keywords should be relevant to your business and brand, should be unique, and highlight your products.

The product pages are the important web page for your online business and therefore hire any reputed PPC agency in India like Esolz Technologies to do the work with absolute excellence.

Run Dynamic Ad Campaigns

A dynamic targeting PPC ad campaign is where you can run multiple ad campaigns on the same website. This feature provides a lot of opportunities for an online business to start customizing their shopping ads, shopping carts, and paid ads, and create target-specific ads. This is so because the dynamic ad can automatically organize your website into groups so that you can select the relevant category for each ad run on your website.

You can also use this feature while retargeting your PPC ad runs. They will help your business successfully boost incoming traffic, user engagement, and conversions. To ensure your paid ad has more reach, the dynamic targeting campaigns must be well integrated with social media platforms.

Seamless Shopping Cart

A well-designed strategy and an optimized shopping cart will go a long way in your PPC ad run strategies. Shopping carts are a pivotal point of conversion that boost the conversion rate. It also helps the target audience to make a purchase decision.

You must focus on your shopping cart and hire the best website development company that will help your eCommerce have the best cart. Make sure that your target audience can easily check in and check out from your site and shopping cart. You must also ensure they can return to where they left off. This will help your online business to grasp more attention and engagement.

Optimizing Product Feed and Shopping Ads With GMC

With Google Merchant Center (GMC), you can easily optimize your eCommerce product feed. GMC can also help in smooth shopping ad runs, and optimize your eCommerce website structure. It is one of the easiest ways to optimize your product feed. Just ensure that you have relevant product information by the product title, description, and keywords. This will enhance the user search results and improve your ad runs on Google too.

Use Schema Markup

Schema Markup is one of the most used testing tools used by the digital marketers of the most recommended digital marketing agencies for eCommerce websites to check their visibility. Furthermore, it includes PPC ad runs to ensure your website URL and product page URL have proper schema markup. It helps in directing the search engines to what your eCommerce site is trying to convey to the target audience.

Additionally, there are various eCommerce website building platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, which provide good schema markup. Schema markup helps your product pages to generate rich results with the paid ad runs through search engine display ads.


PPC campaigns help in building your brand image, improve brand visibility and ensure a great audience reach. With proven effective PPC strategies your ad runs will enhance your conversion rate and traffic engagement in a short period. You can always hire a PPC service provider in India like Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd, to help you with the whole process.