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5 Website Layouts That Can Never Go Wrong

5 Website Layouts That Can Never Go Wrong

Updating a website layout to remain trendy and competitive in the digital space can seem to be an interesting and effective task. Undoubtedly it can turn out to be an effective task and help you in grabbing the attention of your potential audiences, but practically if you think about it, changing website layout frequently can never be an interesting task, especially when the budget involvement is there.

Hence, it is important to choose a design that users find attractive and is also advantageous for your business in the long run. Some designs never go out of style and can help you in boosting your brand’s image.

We have included a few such user-friendly website layouts in this article, that are always on-trend. But before that, let’s find out the advantages of owning a trendy website.

How choosing a trendy website design can benefit your business?

Let’s look at how a trendy website design can benefit your company in a variety of ways.

  • Making an impactful first impression: It is the appearance of a website that attracts visitors when they visit it for the first time. Thus, new visitors to your site will form positive opinions, and your existing customers will also be impressed by the latest version.
  • Boosts trust: Your website’s trendy design tends to boost trust. Your audience can recognize your brand just by looking at the layout of your website. Thus, your target audience will easily recognize it, and building brand identity won’t be a difficult task at all.
  • Easy to access: The goal of new website layouts is to make it easier for users to access your website. It becomes much easier to provide an excellent user experience this way. After all, visitors want a website that is simple to navigate.
  • Speeds up loading speed: New website layouts can also help your page load faster. Fluid grids and high-quality, responsive visuals make the website load in seconds. As a result, there is no risk of your website’s bounce rate increasing.

The top website layouts that are always in trend

A website can be designed in several different ways. You may find it tough to choose from a list of alternatives. Take a look at the list of suggestions below we’ve prepared to assist you in resolving this issue.

Bold typography

Every element on your website contributes to the communication with your visitors. So, when deciding how to design your website, pay close attention to the font. When looking for something trendy, bold typography is a great option. Of course, bold typography is not a new concept, but it has grown in popularity and significance as a technique to design a website.

When using bold typography, the specialists of a leading website design company in India always advise keeping the rest of your website page minimal and tidy. Bold typography is a great aid when it comes to becoming highly creative with the font on your website’s homepage.

So, to make your site visually appealing, utilize a single sentence to communicate your message or simply a bigger and bold word.

Parallax scroll animations

Parallax scrolling is a website design method in which the foreground and background move at different speeds. Consequently, it creates a 3D effect. Visitors can get a more immersive browsing experience by scrolling down the webpage.

Even though it is not a new trend, it continues to be a popular approach to website design. However, it must be used with caution and consideration of various factors. The guidelines listed below will assist you in making the most of this method.

  • Visitors come to your site to acquire data. Keep in mind that it should not be employed in such a way that visitors are distracted from crucial information.
  • When using parallax scrolling, don’t design your website in such a way that it becomes too difficult for people to navigate.
  • Keep the parallax effects to a small portion of the screen.
  • Provide users with the option to disable the parallax effect.


Gradients are still very popular for giving your website a fantastic look. Gradients are mixed with flat elements and gorgeous vector graphics. You can incorporate gradients into your website to create an eye-catching effect.

Moreover, it can make your website more colorful. To make a good gradient, you can use the same color in different shades or other color combinations. Furthermore, you will have the option of deciding whether a linear or radial gradient is acceptable for your website design.

Using gradients, leading website design companies in India like Esolz Technologies have created websites that are new and modern in appearance. Gradients will not fall out of style as a result of this.

Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is still a popular choice among web designers. What is it, exactly?

It’s a website navigation technique that allows you to reveal content from the sides of the window by scrolling left and right. It’s indeed the best technique that gradually reveals secondary information.

  • Keep the below points in mind while using this method to design your website.
  • When using horizontal scrolling, allow users to navigate your website using arrow buttons.
  • You can only benefit from this technique when you carefully choose what content should be displayed horizontally.

Gaussian blur

This is another example that will never go out of style. By using Gaussian blur, we can smooth and fade parts of images. It reduces noise or emphasizes the foreground of an image. The most prevalent application of Gaussian blur is for building and constructing background components. The use of blurred images and backgrounds is a prominent feature of this design trend.

On social media, we frequently see this effect with photographs that aren’t quite the perfect size to cover the frame. An overall sense of soft focus can be added to images and gradients by this effect. So, it is certainly going to help design a website that stands out.


Knowing how to develop a website that will take your business to new heights requires a thorough understanding of current website layouts. However, only choose those layouts that will improve the functionality and appearance of your website. It will help you in attracting the clients you want to convince to purchase your products. For further assistance on designing the website layout do reach out to the expert website designers of Esolz Technologies offering responsive website design services in India to take your business to the next level with minimum budget.