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11 Factors That Indicates Redesigning Your Corporate Website

11 Factors That Indicates Redesigning Your Corporate Website

‘Continuous shifting of the digital market that regulates every aspect of your business outflow digitally leads to redesigning of your corporate website’.

What is Website Redesigning?

Website redesigning or rebuilding means revamping your website from ground zero from coding to functionality, to appearance and user experience. With the continuous change in the internal and external business environment factors these changes and how we should also renovate our website. This further projects how we showcase our products and services at par with the current trends and lingo. It also enhances your website’s visibility, business workflow, features, and functionalities.

Website redesigning is also implied partially highlighting the specific areas that need attention either the backend or the front-end components. In either case, this process of rebuilding your website will only boost up the user interaction and drive more traffic. Some of the factors which weigh in that you should consider redesigning your website and reach out to the best website design and development company can be stated as follows-

1. Outdated Design Flow
When it comes to the design of your corporate website, a vintage look is appreciated but not acceptable with this era of the edgiest and sassiest website design flow. Your corporate website should be at par with the latest design flow, trend, and floor the current lingo to become posher and niche. This will gather more attention onto your website and page.

Most of the users judge your brand and business by associating with your website. Therefore, an outdated, cluttered website design will make the wrong impression about your brand and business and you may lose customers. To fast-track this entire nightmare as an entrepreneur, you can hire responsive website design services in India that will make all your problems slide away with lesser downtime.

2. Isn’t Mobile-Friendly
If your website is not mobile-friendly or is mobile responsive, then you need to consider redesigning your corporate website. Detailed research has shown that more than 50% of the websites are accessed through mobile devices which means internet traffic originates from mobile devices. This is a major signal that you need to build a website that can be easily accessed from a mobile device, offers a seamless user interface and user experience, and also fits to screen.

A mobile-friendly website should have the same structural integrity and flow when viewed on a desktop and should offer the same level of user experience and navigation. If your corporate website is not mobile responsive, it will lower your ranks, hinder your SEO and traffic.

3. Not AODA Compliant
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act or commonly known as AODA is a set of standards-based on the website’s accessibility which ensures that everyone, disabled people alike can go through your corporate website.
If your website is compliant you can target a larger set of audiences that can accommodate differently-abled people to approach your business website. Hefty fines are imposed if AODA rules are violated especially in the Ontario region. This will only improve your engagement and generate quality leads with a rise in conversion rates.

4. Issues with User Experience
The primary focal point of your website is highlighting a seamless user experience (UX) for all your visitors. This decides if your website is at par with the competitive market. It also maximizes the search engine results with lower bounce rates and more engagement.

Issues with customer experience (CX), is also a determining factor in whether your corporate website is responsive or not. Try hiring responsive website design services in India that can use all your business information like find the missing features, functionalities, browsing issues, technical glitches and eliminate those to make your corporate website faster and smoother.

5. Slow Website
In this internet era, all the users are impatient and want everything on a fast track. If your website is slow, that is if it takes more than 3 seconds to download a page, your users may drop down from your web page before it is even loaded. It is found that your website should load within 2 seconds according to recent studies, to lower engagement rates and traffic.

There are a lot of factors that weigh into the slow-loading website. Some of these factors are- glitches in the design and code, backend or frontend elements that may generate problems. It is now a priority to make your website loading speed faster so that every user can interact easily even through mobiles, seamless navigation, and higher search engine rankings.

6. Poor SEO Performance
If your SEO performance is poor and you are losing your rankings, experiencing a steady drop in the organic traffic, without any further ado, resign your corporate website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial part of your corporate website because they boost up your rankings in the search engines especially Google where later on you can reap the benefits with higher traffic in the long run. You should look into your code, imply keyword enriched content, imply SEO best practices, that is the root of your design flow, where the Google bots crawl, index, and rank your website.

7. Change in the Audience
There is a continuous shifting of market trends, with it the interests of the audience and therefore moulding the industry and marketing flow. When your target audience has different behaviour or pattern, you need to call in for help to redesign your corporate website. There is a shift in the marketing pattern, trends, interests, lingo, tastes, and preferences of the audience. You need to appeal to their likings and that will drive up the traffic on your website.

This industry with leading competitors also adapts to this change and you need to redesign your corporate website to stay in the race with them. Try introducing new elements, change the content design and try additional elements that will boost up your rankings. If you don’t adapt to this change, your users will forget about your presence and throw you off the game. Your web visitors will consider your brand and business website out of touch and you may lose your audience.

8. Lowered Conversion Rate
When your website is experiencing lower click-through rates and conversion rates, it’s time to reconsider changing website design. It is because there can be several reasons for low conversion rate.There might not be clear call-to-action buttons, the website navigation might be poor or the design might not be impressive.

Therefore, your website is not serving its actual purpose of landing customers. You need to immediately redesign your corporate website and immediately hire responsive website design services that will boost up your conversion by improving your website flow, navigation, call-to-action-buttons, induce more features and functionality that will help you to generate leads and increase your click-through rates (CTA).

9. Rebranding
There is an immediate need to redesign your corporate website when you are rebranding. When your business goal changes, the purpose of your website changes accordingly. The entire design flow changes. It is because generating leads and driving the sales should also be on your agenda. Sometimes, your audience may outgrow your design flow, templates, themes, and colour palettes, moulding and customizing your website to explore new horizons in the digital world might attract your audience’s attention.

10. Need to add new Functionality
Expansion of your website design flow, by adding multiple features and functionality that will fit right into the current scenario with the business developments leads to redesigning of your brand and business website. The existing functionalities may become outdated with the frequent technological developments and therefore introducing such changes, your audience might be looking for, will enhance your rankings and conversion rates. Your website’s old infrastructure might fit the small changes but including major changes may cause additional glitches and problems. It is a better and viable option to redesign your corporate website.

11. Need to Improve Security
You also need to consider redesigning your corporate website to enhance your security. You might face security troubles and loss of data. But you need to get into the security measures, get updated guidelines and protocols, put up firewalls, secure all the information about your business and users on a secured server, and frequently run checks with your corporate website. Redesigning your website will set off a clear path of all the updated security measures for your audience and your workflow.

And finally before concluding we can say that,

In these above-mentioned areas, if there is any factor that is true or any aspect that lost its essence in making your website responsive, with in-depth study and research, you need to reconsider redesigning your corporate website. This will increase the potential of your online brand and business to outperform your competitors and boost up your rankings in the Google SERPs.