Why YouTube Chose to Promote Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and Rosanna Pansino

Vlogging, or video-blogging is on a high rise. And YouTube owes one to it, big time. At least for the sake of its popularity.

This video sharing platform has widely been used as a vlogging medium ever since it came into existence in 2005. Trusted upon by many as a high traffic source to talk exclusively about videos all the time, YouTube is now ranked as one of the top three web destinations ever visited. And rightly so! After all, it is this very site which gave birth to those who, we now know, are the ‘YouTube celebrities.’

We can do with talking about some right now, can’t we?

The story of YouTube Beauty Superstar Michelle Phan:
She is a make-up guru on YouTube and one of the many early users of the website. With 7,164,121 subscribers from all over the globe (and the number’s still rising), young Phan has gone from being a small time waitress to blogging and vlogging and now shooting to fame like a shining star. And today, this star even owns ‘EmMichellePhan,’ a make-up line of her own under the big shot brand, L’Oréal.

Wonder-woman, she is!

How did YouTube discover Bethany Mota?
Actually, Miss Mota discovered YouTube, on the contrary. Her official channel, ‘Macbarbie07,’ was created in 2009 and became a super hit over time, credits to her haul videos. Her fashion purchases, what-to-wear-how tutorials, make-up tips and recipes have attracted millions of viewers online and still continue to do so. YouTube gave her the stage, her hobby gave her a chance to start her own fashion line at Aéropostale. And her recent venture into ‘Dancing with the Stars: Season 19’ has pulled 18-year old Mota straight into the limelight.

Of course, the YouTube ties will never end for this once-bullied-now-a-starlet girl.

Rosanna Pansino and her YouTube bakery show:
Yes, Miss Pansino is a hard-core baker; and an actress, best known for her YouTube baking show ‘Nerdy Nummies.’ Over a 100 creative and nerdy cakes, cookies and other bakery items, Rosanna rose to fame with a lofty 2 million fan following, her hobby now paying her more than anything else on her planet.

Some people are born to be famous, feels so.

But, for what purpose did YouTube choose them?
Simply put, YouTube is investing money to earn more money. Offering a 30-second spot for the three celebrities, the advertising guys of the website have promoted some of the most famous celebrities of the site backed by a strong fan-base, with a view to gathering a bigger audience for the platform and the hope of collecting better ad revenues, pretty much like the greater television broadcasting networks – ABC and CBS.

The ads were everywhere – running on Google-owned online properties, on national TV (including some programs on ABC Family and The CW), printed on leading magazines like Seventeen, Allure and Entertainment Weekly, in the form of posters stuck on to metro trains, on billboards and every possible offline and online media hotspots. And yes, it has worked. Like magic!

With vlogging gaining encouragement and the respect it deserves, fame, now, seems just a video away. Moral of the story is: Don’t be a loner. Be a YouTuber.

A post by Chayanika Deka. 4th of November, 2014.


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